Monday, March 17, 2014

On September14, 2014 in Camden Maine we said I do 

I think that every bride thinks her wedding day is perfect, and I am no different. It was perfect Every detail of that wedding was handmade by a family or friend which made it all the more special. And while I will probably come back to the wedding. That is really not why I started this project. The reason is because of us.
Just for the people who said we thought that wedding day selfies would not happen


Jon,aka my China Man the master electrician who is best described as the "gentle giant". Love his flannel shirts,  sweet foods, country life, taking drives, crocheting, gardening, shooting guns, building fire pits, and baking bread. He can fix anything and figure out how to make everything work. After he met me, he can also add that he loves coffee passionately. 
 And then there is me, girly as they come. Love everything that has to do with pink, sparkles, polka dots, bright colors, and cupcakes. I never raised farm animals, couldn't keep a plant alive to save my life, and never intended to leave Southern Maine. I loved to run, hike, kayak, lay on the beach, shop, bake cupcakes and read.

We met in July 2012, our first date lasted about 6 hours because we couldn't stop talking. While I will never actually call it "love at first sight" from the very first date, it was always "right"
 Then in March 2013 at Sebago Lake, he got down on one knee and simply said " I love you, will you marry me". What wasn't so simple was the bag of personalized MM's he handed me that also read " Debbie will you marry me" and had our faces on it.
Even though, I knew we were going to get engaged soon. That moment took my breath away. For the first time I understood what people meant when they said that the world was spinning around them while they stood still.  I will always remember the moment after I said yes, and he pulled into one of his rib crushing hugs. He whispered " Now I can always take care of you". Just so simple, sweet and loving. That describes my China Man.

The rest is history. 
So I created this little space to document our life ( obviously). We are not the most adventuresome people, or the most glamorous. But we are happy, and we enjoy our life. I want to be able to remember the simple day, and the early days. My goal in my marriage is that when I pass away in 90 years, they will be able to say " She loved and cared for her husband with all her heart. She was a true Proverbs 31 women".  This blog is so that in 80 years I can look back and see the pictures and funny memories I chose to document. I am not a scrapbooker, but I do take a lot of pictures ( thank you camera phone). China man and I do both tend to get involved with a lot of DIY type projects, in 2 months we are going to try to raise broiler chickens, and I am attempting a vegetable garden ( with a high level of supervision). All potential memories that will make me smile or roll my eyes in the future I am sure and that is what is important.