Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Confessions, grocery shopping edition

I confess that I try really hard to have an empty fridge by Monday morning when I go grocery shopping. I feel like I have had a successful week in house wife world when my fridge is completely empty by Monday morning. That means all meals were completely consumed, nothing is potentially going bad in the fridge and I planned appropriately for the week.

However there are certain things I am almost physically unable to not buy when I am at the store. Example, I can not go to the grocery store and not buy a package of eggs. We currently have like 3 dozen eggs in the fridge because I just can't not buy them. They are so necessary for everything, what if we run out!?

I confess that I have an exact number of apples, oranges, and pears that we buy each week. I know how many pieces of fruit both my men eat on a average day. So when anything throws that count off in a week, my little OCD heart gets very nervous.

China Man lives on leftovers for his work lunches and meals on the weekend, but I seriously hate leftovers. I think Baby #2 does too because last time I tried to each leftovers it did not end well. So Baby and I stick with sandwiches on leftover days.

I am such a sales shopper that last time I went to the seafood counter the seafood clerk knew exactly what I was going to order before I ordered. I was not sure whether to be charmed by the small town feeling of my little store or a little creeped out.  On that same note, I go to the grocery store on the same day almost at the same time every week. So last time I ran in on a weekend to grab a prescription an employee even commented that it was not my usual day. Again, this really was both sweet and a wake up call that I need to be more spontaneous in my life. Although I am purchasing eggs and fruit, how spontaneous can you be?

Usually on grocery day, I go alone while Little Man naps at home with his Dad. Typically it is my only 60 minutes out of the house by myself for the week. So to make it special I usually pick up a coffee or hot chocolate. I may even sit in my car for a few minutes savoring the beverage in silence while scrolling instagram. ( obviously the definition of luxury and relaxation)

And finally, it is my biggest grocery store pet peeve when I arrange my items on the belt exactly how I would like them bagged and the grocery clerks just throw everything in the bags all haphazardly. I had things so nicely arranged but no... it is not meant to be.

What about you, do you have grocery store quirks?  Please tell me that I am not the only ocd shopper out there.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go sign up for some grocery shopping counseling and find something to do with all my eggs.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Lessons in House Hunting

So here is the thing. We have been officially house hunting for 3 weeks with our realtor. Now China Man has been been browsing for months and months. So believe me when I say that I seen hundreds of pictures of houses. And I am not someone who likes to look at houses. My two best friends are those people. They both tell me they enjoy browsing online to see the houses, how people decorate and what is available. Honestly, when I am not actually in the market for a house. I just do not care. I have my house, why would I need to look at other houses? Even as it is, I would probably buy the first house I looked at if it wasn't for China Man. Well that is not true, because the first house we looked at was dreadful. At this point we have looked at 6 houses. We almost made an offer on one house, but decided it would place us in a place financially we prefer not to be. We have looked at a house today that we really like, but it would definitely require some elbow grease to bring it to this century and it is literally in the middle of nowhere. So we will see.

Anyways since I am such a seasoned house hunting pro, I thought I would share some of my observations and tips for future sellers out there.

Tip #1
   Don't leave a dead bird on the front deck. That happened today, and honestly the owners have not lived there all winter so it really was not their fault. However... that is not the image I want walking into your home.

    Find a really creative photographer to take your real estate photos.  When we pull into some of these houses, I just am speechless at the difference in the actual house compared to the pictures. The pictures present a spacious, clean, nice home. Then I walk into... well the opposite. The one house today was even a different color than the pictures! Because turns out the outside of the house was two colors, and naturally that might not be a selling point so the realtor did not post the pictures of the red and yellow angles. Smart man. When we pulled in, I basically told China Man to just turn around.

   When your realtor says you need to de-clutter your house. Just believe them. How am I supposed to believe this house is the size you claim it is, when your living room has 3 rows of furniture?

And here are just some general observations/questions about home ownership in general...

When you are remodeling your home, and you decide to pick out a new sink for your bathroom or kitchen. What goes through someone's mind when they decide bright orange, bright pink or bright blue is the best color for their sink and tub? I am not an interior decorator in any shape and I try to keep an open mind... but please explain that one to me.  ( side note, I tried to find some pictures on pinterest of bright orange or pink sinks, they did not have any that portrayed what I have seen)

I have learned I am not a wall paper person. Some people are, and I clearly am not one of them. Some of these houses have so much wall paper. I am a paint or exposed wood kind of person.

This is the kind of look that I love in a house. Believe me this is not the norm in Maine, in our price range.

I have also learned that when looking at houses, especially when you are on a firm budget. You really need to channel your inner Joanna Gaines.
Do not just see what is in front of you, but also see the potential. What can you do to fix the place up to your style? When China Man and I look at a house, we first look around and scope the place out. He looks at all the practical things and I look at details like will this place be a death trap for my babies, where will my treadmill go and how small is the kitchen. Then if we actually like the place we start talking about how we will change it. Sorry current homeowners, but the bright blue birdhouse wallpaper just is not my jam. Then for the health of our marriage, I start getting realistic time lines of projects. Painting the entire house would be done by when? And the next important project would be what? China Man knows me and he knows I take his responses as set in stone so this is when real negotiations start.  Our poor realtor, she probably thinks that we are absolutely ready to buy a house when we do that but not necessarily. It just means we are seriously considering.  Either way, I think it is helpful to see past the decor or styles you don't like and not to rely on your realtor to tell you how you could potentially decorate it. Have a little creativity, and if that fails, watch Fixer Upper.

Lastly and most importantly. Find a realtor that you can work with and will listen to you. While selling our old house, we worked with the most incompetent real estate agent. Almost all of our interactions ended with me in angry, frustrated tears. This time we actually met with a few agents to get a feel for them and how we would mesh together. I love our current agent. I think we have a great working relationship.

So that is just some thoughts and questions about house hunting. Happy Tuesday Friends.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday Friends. My big excitement today is that I am getting my hair trimmed. I have been wanting to get it done for a few weeks and have started to feel a wee bit shaggy. I always get so nervous before a hair cut, anything really could go wrong in your hairdresser isn't paying attention.

Here are a few confessions about my week and life in general.

1. I have been spring cleaning/purging the condo like crazy this week. It feels so good to be getting rid of some clutter. It is crazy how much stuff can accumulate in just the 14 months we have been living here. Also a lot of things have changed in the last year, some of my clothes just don't make sense anymore. A stay at home mom does not need 20 different pairs of high heels  ( yes I had a shoe problem in my past life) nor do I need 10 different smokey eye shadow palettes. Honestly, I don't think I ever needed smokey eye shadow palettes.

2. This week I have been missing my mid day caffeine like nobody's business. How do people who do not drink any caffeine function! Like seriously.

 3. This week I have been feeling like I am not rocking the whole Mom/wife gig.  Little Man has been really clingy and just wants to stay in my arms all day. I have barely been able to get anything done, and when he is sleeping I am SO exhausted. I barely see China Man these days between his crazy schedule and everything we have going on. I keep thinking that the next day I will have more energy and get more done, but it really has not happened yet. 

4. I confess that I have not bought any Easter candy this year and I actually feel guilty about it. I was not planning on giving Little Man any Easter candy but today I felt a little Scrooge like when I realized that maybe China Man would enjoy some. 

5.  On a similar note, the non pregnant version of me, LOVES her sweets. Like hardcore. Pregnant me.... I have no interest in desserts or sweets of any kind. What is that?! I miss my old friends chocolate, ice cream, cookies... I'll be back someday friends. 

On that note, I have some yogurt and fresh fruit to snack on. 

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Staying Joyful

 Hello Friends! For awhile it seemed like life was really slow and then all the sudden the flood gates opened. Which is fine. I am someone who likes to be busy and stay productive. Until 7pm, then this Mama wants to be in her comfy clothes and not disturbed. #oldladystatus   My goal this year was to be joyfully content this year no matter what the circumstances were. So I thought I would do a little check in on that goal.  
    The goal to be joyfully content makes me laugh now because about 2 weeks the entire year that I thought I had in my future was turned upside down. Having my plans turned upside down is not something I thrive on but I think we are rolling with things.  I am currently four month pregnant, trying to sell my condo and buy a house. What could possibly be stressful about any of those scenarios. But I like this phrase " Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is choice". 
   So what is helping me stay semi-calm and joyful in this current season of my life?  Well it certainly is not pregnancy hormones.  haha! ( Hello crazy train)  Because I do have some extra emotions to also deal with, I think I have learned to just keep to myself a little more. I am staying focused on my little family and what we need right now. As a general rule I am someone who likes to talk through things to fully process them, but these days I am not as quick to share. 
 This little trouble maker definitely brings me oodles of joy every day. He may be the reason for a lot of exhaustion but he is just the best. In the past month, his personality has bloomed even more which I love getting to know. He greets every day with a smile and excitement. I always want to encourage that which means, I can't be a grouchy downer Mom! Also it helps at night when I feel some tiny little flutters from Baby #2. Reminds me that in a few months I will have another squishy cuddly baby. How can I be anything but joyful at the idea of having 2 babies who call me Mom? 

  Another thing that helps keep me calm and joyful is a little bit of life experience. I know that "This too shall pass".  Hopefully and mostly likely in 6 months, I will be settled in a house, completely sleep deprived with a newborn, my husband will be trying to convince me on some new project and Little Man will probably be learning bungee jumping or something. This transition phase will just be a memory. Just keep taking it day by day and this too shall pass. The current events do not define my life or me. 

And when all else fails there is always the Internet for some smiles. Case and point. 


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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Life Lately.

Happy Monday friends. I hope you are all pumped and ready for St. Patrick's Day. I purchased our corned beef, and cabbage at the store today. Probably one of the more disgusting traditional holiday meals out there, but China Man does love it.

Today I just thought I would just update about life around here. Lots has been in happening... and when I say a lot, I really mean not much.

On Saturday, China Man and I got to go out to dinner just the two of us at night. My in laws had given us a gift card to restaurant in South Portland. My parents babysat and for the first time since Charlie was born, we had a dinner date. We have gone out maybe once at night before but that was a double date. I didn't realize how much I missed it until Saturday when I was SO excited getting ready. We left a little early and walked by the ocean a little bit. Just being by the water made me so excited for the warmer temps and being able to spend days at the ocean and lake.

   We got to our restuarant a little early, and it was right on the ocean. Such a nice perk of living in Southern Maine sometimes. Since it was resturaunt week, we did the deal for 3 courses. Now all the food was amazing and delicious but really the hands down winner was the fresh sweet potato donuts with a expresso sauce 
Sorry the picture is dark. China Man threatened me if I used my flash while we were there, lol. Anyways, I would be lying if I didn't say I had thought about these donuts every day since then. There is nothing better than a fresh, warm donut. As long as there is no filling. Donuts will filling is just so wrong in my book. 

Also on Saturday we took Little Man to a playground at a local school. I thought he might enjoy it. He is still too small for most it but I think he had fun. Naturally the wood chips and sand were his favorite thing to play with. 

Also in sort of fun news, we are moving forward with looking for a new home. The goal is to move before I am in my third trimester. Been there, done that and not emotionally strong enough to do it again. It is exciting and scary but really that seems to be the theme of adult life. Sometimes I still get really emotional that nothing has happened in the time table or way that we planned. Like why do we even bother making plans....But I grew up as a missionary kid. If there is one thing I learned as a missionary kid it is to just make the best of what you have and don't worry about the other stuff. So even with the house, my goal is to make sure China Man is happy and that we move with enough time for me to make sure my babies both have their bedrooms set up and that it feels semi homey before I enter that haze of post-partum, sleep deprived survival mode. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

These Are My Confessions

I am currently obsessed with boiled eggs. I consider it my dirty little love affair because I really do find boiled eggs to be disgusting... but I just.can't.stop. I am Olivia Pope and they are President Fitz ( high five to any fellow Scandal fans! For the record, I am Team Jake all the way)  Boiled eggs, egg salad and deviled eggs, typically all things I am not a huge fan of. This week, I actually texted a friend to ask how many boiled eggs was too many to eat in one day. The good news is that at least it is a healthy things to be craving, and my protien levels must be doing great.

I have been actually working out the past 2 weeks and I feel like a million dollars because of it. I am really hoping to run a 5k in a few months so actually keeping up with my running is helpful in that goal. Also helps me feel semi healthy and sane.

I confess that working out is also really helpful because in general I can't stop eating!! Like every 90 minutes to 2 hours I am scavenging for food. Last time I could barely keep anything down, and I don't think I was even like this at the end. Before I was pregnant I was eating maybe 1-2 full meals a day and then just a smoothie or snack. So this is such a different thing for me. It is mildly comical as long as my clothes keep fitting. Thank goodness for crunchy apples and carrot sticks. 

I confess that at night sometimes for dinner, I just put Little Man on the floor picnic style and we share a plate for dinner. It is right before bed, it is just the two of us, I have already washed 1 million dishes, cleaned the high chair 1 billion times and I just  don't want a lot of fuss. He thinks it is great and it is so easy. Only problem is that he is starting to eat most of the meal. 

I confess that I have to take prenatal gummy vitamins because the regular ones makes me sick. I used to take Flinstones Chewable and they started to make me sick too. The gummy vitamins are the best thing ever. I actually look forward to taking them. I would like all vitamins to taste like fruit snacks. 

I confess that Dunkin Donuts announced that Butter Pecan coffee was back this week and I actually did a fist pump. That is another sign of spring to me. Only problem is that I have this phobia of ordering decaf coffee from coffee shops because I am certain they will mess it up and give me caffeinated. Then my poor unborn child will be born with four heads. So  every time I drive past Dunkin Donuts this week, I just sigh longingly while I have this great internal debate. I will eventually buy some and just be that neurotic person who checks four times that they made it right. 

So that is my confession currently for this week. 

* Disclaimer, everything in this post is said with a healthy dose of sarcasm and love. Except the caffeine fear, that is legit. 

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top 3 Mom Quirks

I don't know why, but I was thinking the other day about certain "things" I have as a mom that bug me or I am really particular about.  I think everyone has those "things" that they are really big on that perhaps other people are not as worried about. I know I heard one mom say how she is always worried her son is cold. For some they get super intense about being in the sun and sun protection. Some mom's worry about nap times, and really the list could go on and on.  These would be my top 3 Mom quirks that I have currently.

1. You will never see my children wearing shirts/onsies that say things on them.   My only disclaimer is that if their grandparent buys it for them, then I will put it on my child at least once for the grandparent to see it. After that, most likely it will not be worn again. Confession, Little Man definitely was given some onsies that said "cutsie" things on them and they were never worn because I disliked them so much.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these kind of onsies, and obviously people love them because the market is huge. I typically don't really even like Little Man wearing an onsie that says " Handsome like Daddy" or "Mommy's Heartbreaker".  I don't know when my aversion started because I am fairly certain I use to think these onsies were adorable. Now I do not even stop to look at them. I also have avoided all "character" clothes so far. I think this one will end when Little Man starts requesting the shirts with Star Wars, Legos or whatever he decides to be interested in. Until then though, we shall avoid them too.

2. I have to know everything my child ate.  We did not give Little Man any type of sugar until he turned one. I am really happy with this decision and I think because of it he has developed a preference for all fruits and most veggies. When it comes to feeding him though, I prefer to be the one beside him determining what he can eat. When people give him something even if its just an apple slice or a pickle and then ask me "oh is this okay". I have a mini panic attack inside. Which is totally stupid because he loves both of those things and it is totally fine that he eats them. It is very important to me that my kids grow up with healthy eating habits so I feel like every time he is given some sweet bread, muffins, or dessert that is going to be the gateway bite that will ruin my hard work. Believe me, I know it is ridiculous and I try very hard to keep my crazy reigned in about it.  I might have teared up at his first birthday because I knew I could not ban sugar anymore when he was at his grandparents house. But China Man quickly pulled a reality check on me and reminded me we are still his parents, and a little sugar has never killed anyone.

3. I will not change his diaper in public restrooms. I don't actually think I am alone in this one, because my friend was the one that gave me the idea. I changed Little Man's diaper one time in a Target bathroom and it was so stressful. It did not help that he had a blow out so he needed a full outfit change, and there was a mom with a toddler melting down while they waited for the changing table. I also think half the store was using the bathroom at that moment. I think I was dripping sweat by the time we were done. After that experience, I just started changing him in the backseat of my car. Not necessarily the roomiest of spaces but at least I know it is clean, and it is always available.

So there are 3 of my Mom quirks. Despite my attempts to be laid back and calm about parenting it obviously does not always work. I definitely have other ones, like don't you dare try to mess with my child's bedtime. I used to become very upset if we were not home in time for his bedtime. That was also when I was working very hard to get him on a sleep schedule so it was always a setback to not have him in bed on time. I was also extremely sleep deprived myself so I might have been a little extra emotional about it. That one has definitely calmed down and I do not worry as much about it.

What about you any weird or not so weird mom quirks?  I know I can't possibly be the only one who refuses to enter public restrooms for diaper changes.
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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Friday Favorites - Hello March

 Hello Friday, it is nice to see you! Honestly, this past week I have been in a kind of a funk. Then yesterday I went for a run, and made a new recipe that I loved. It seemed to have turned life around a little. Remember people, it really is the little things. Here are a few moments from the week that made me smile. 

I bought some Melissa and Doug magnetic wooden letters for Little Man for his birthday. I thought they might entertain him a little while I do things in the kitchen. He LOVES them. I never dreamed he would like them this much. Totally worth the price off of Zulilly. 

This facial expression is 110% a favorite of mine. He makes it a lot right now. I think he kind of knows that it makes me laugh. 

I made this recipe this week and it was a definite win. I have not always had the best of luck with zoodles but this was so yummy. 

  I bought China Man and Little Man's Easter outfits this week. Bonus they were on sale too! Last year I totally forgot about Easter until the week before so I am trying to be way more on top of the clothes and Easter baskets. I am a little unsure what to do for Little Man's Easter basket because I don't want to do a lot of candy, nor do I really want to do junkie trinkets. I was thinking of getting some beach toys as he will need some this summer. Any suggestions?

I saw this on instagram this week, and it made me happy. It was such a nice reminder. 

Surviving the First Trimester.

Today is a big day in my little world. The first trimester is 100% behind me and this new little person. Hallelujah! Everyone has their least favorite times while they are pregnant. Some dread the end stage when everything is big, you move slow, you ache everywhere and nothing feels comfortable. While I didn't really relish that phase, to me the First Trimester is the biggie. Other than finding out that you have a new little squishy baby there is absolutely nothing good about the first trimester. You are tired, you are sick, and you just feel like you have been run over every day. Unfortunately for a good portion of this magical time, you are trying not to reveal that you are pregnant so you have to act like status quo.  When I was pregnant with Little Man I would often wonder how the second pregnancy would compare to the first. So I thought I would compare and contrast a little bit between the two pregnancies so far.

What Has Been the Same
    Morning Sickness... check
 I think this one is pretty self explanatory. It has seemed a little less extreme this time but I think a big portion of that has to do with experience and the fact I do not have the privilege to just be sick.  I will always treasure the memories of rushing Little Man into his high chair, cutting up his banana and then running to the bathroom to be sick.
    Extreme Exhaustion.... check
       I feel like this too is also very self explanatory. I have started the habit of taking a nap when Little Man naps in the afternoon. It is helpful, although kills my productivity because the afternoon nap time used to be when I would get a lot of stuff done.
    Sciatic Nerve Pain.... Check
        I had this a little bit last time. It would come out of nowhere and I literally would not be able to walk for a few moments. It would be very inconsistent when it would happen, and wouldn't stay long. This time it is so  different. It stays present all the time in my leg. I am doing all sorts of stretches and yoga poses that I read are supposed to help, but it really doesn't. Fortunately it is not as painful as last time just more annoying. So if you see me randomly limping, you know why.
    Sensitive to smells... check
         Remember how I was so excited to be working with essential oils? Yep, can't go anywhere near them right now. Who even knows why.
      Every emotion I would normally have is magnified by 100. If I normally like you, well now we are besties. If I find you hard to be around before pregnancy, Lord grant me serenity to not explode on you.

     I still do love to touch my belly as if that is my way of letting this new little person know his or her Mama loves him/her. I definitely still spend a lot of time browsing baby clothes picking out what I will buy the second I know the gender. Granted if it is a second boy, he will really not need many clothes. Little Man's wardrobe is in competition with my own at the moment but this new person will still need some things of his own. :-)

 What is Different? 
      I am showing SO much faster. Honestly I barely even looked pregnant until around 15-18 weeks. Nope... at 13 weeks you can tell I am pregnant. By the time I reach 40 weeks, I might be wearing a bed sheet as a Mu-Mu. I tried taking a picture to show my point, but we are still in the phase of pregnancy when pictures are really just unflattering.

  It is WAY less scary this time. Last time every twinge, cramp, and or weird feeling I would be googling to see if it was normal. This time, not as scary. Some days I do still get a little worried, but not nearly as much.

I can eat vegetables! This may seem trivial but last time I could not eat salad, or vegetables of any kind. Typically I am a relatively healthy eater but last time I was forced to become a strictly meat and carbs eater. Today I made a meal that solely based on vegetables and not once did it make me sick. This makes me so, so, so happy.
   My cravings are so fickle. What I love this week, I will probably hate last week. Last time, I pretty much kept the same cravings for months at a time. This time, not so much. They come fast, they come hard and then poof! Oranges, fries, milkshakes, apples, peanut butter & jelly, and Mexican food have all been past loves of my life. Now I can't even be in the same room with them.

  With this last one I am not sure if this is because this baby is the second baby or because this was an unplanned baby but there is a lot less excitement overall for this baby. I have a lot of mom guilt for this baby because of that. I can't control how other people act or treat my baby, but I am trying to rally for this baby. I made a pinterest board ( because that is what a good modern mom does) to get ideas for nursery themes. It gets tricky since most likely we will be moving before the baby comes, but we really aren't 100%. (Can we just really shake our heads that for the second time, I have no idea where I will be bringing my baby home from or if I will have a home ready for us?)  However someday this child will have a room, and I will be ready :-)

So bring on the 2nd trimester and that so called energy burst!