Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Staying Joyful

 Hello Friends! For awhile it seemed like life was really slow and then all the sudden the flood gates opened. Which is fine. I am someone who likes to be busy and stay productive. Until 7pm, then this Mama wants to be in her comfy clothes and not disturbed. #oldladystatus   My goal this year was to be joyfully content this year no matter what the circumstances were. So I thought I would do a little check in on that goal.  
    The goal to be joyfully content makes me laugh now because about 2 weeks the entire year that I thought I had in my future was turned upside down. Having my plans turned upside down is not something I thrive on but I think we are rolling with things.  I am currently four month pregnant, trying to sell my condo and buy a house. What could possibly be stressful about any of those scenarios. But I like this phrase " Busy is a choice, stress is a choice, joy is choice". 
   So what is helping me stay semi-calm and joyful in this current season of my life?  Well it certainly is not pregnancy hormones.  haha! ( Hello crazy train)  Because I do have some extra emotions to also deal with, I think I have learned to just keep to myself a little more. I am staying focused on my little family and what we need right now. As a general rule I am someone who likes to talk through things to fully process them, but these days I am not as quick to share. 
 This little trouble maker definitely brings me oodles of joy every day. He may be the reason for a lot of exhaustion but he is just the best. In the past month, his personality has bloomed even more which I love getting to know. He greets every day with a smile and excitement. I always want to encourage that which means, I can't be a grouchy downer Mom! Also it helps at night when I feel some tiny little flutters from Baby #2. Reminds me that in a few months I will have another squishy cuddly baby. How can I be anything but joyful at the idea of having 2 babies who call me Mom? 

  Another thing that helps keep me calm and joyful is a little bit of life experience. I know that "This too shall pass".  Hopefully and mostly likely in 6 months, I will be settled in a house, completely sleep deprived with a newborn, my husband will be trying to convince me on some new project and Little Man will probably be learning bungee jumping or something. This transition phase will just be a memory. Just keep taking it day by day and this too shall pass. The current events do not define my life or me. 

And when all else fails there is always the Internet for some smiles. Case and point. 


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  1. I love your attitude! And you're right -- this too shall pass. I'm glad that you can put things in perspective and enjoy the journey.
    Wishing you blessings as you prepare to welcome your new baby!