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5 Things Making Me Feel Great!

Last week, I mentioned the Winter Blues were hitting hard and early. So this week I thought I would mention five things lately that have been really making me feel almost like a new woman!

No, I am not pregnant. I just really like these vitamins. I seriously, will never swallow another multivitamin again. I take two of these and then some other supplements like Iron, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, B12 and Vitamin C.  So I have been taking these regularly for two weeks. Game changer! I feel so much better physically, more alert and just a tad more energetic.

My daily goal is 96 ounces of water. Definitely do not always hit that goal, but I sure try my hardest. Nothing bugs me more than when someone drinks from my water cup because then I feel like my "count" is over.  Silly but true!  I know we all hear it all the time how important water is to our bodies. However, it is so crazy after barely drinking any water except in the form of coffee to regularly drinking water. I feel so much be…

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