Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh What's Up April?

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What We're Eating This Week... 
     Oh you know me, always trying new recipes. Today I made Pioneer Women's Grilled Spicy Vegetable Panini's. I tried to find a recipe online, but no luck. It did come out of her Food From My Frontier Cookbook.   I seriously love all four of her cookbooks so much. I use at least one of her recipes every week.

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
  What spring would feel like! My town got 4 inches of snow yesterday and that is just SO inappropriate. Last week it was 70 degrees and Little Man was playing outside wearing sunscreen. Today my car was covered in snow. I just want spring!

What I'm Loving... 
      I have probably said this 100 times but I love this phase with Little Man. Granted the molars coming in, may be the death of us all but he is just so funny! 

What We've Been Up To... 
     We were busy trying buy a house, but that fell through this week. The seller was just completely unwilling to negotiate on anything. So that was extremely dissapointing. But who knows maybe now we will be able to find a house that we can move into before September.  I have been trying to get ready for Little Brother, but I am really limited in what I can do. 

What I'm Dreading... 
   I am really not looking forward to starting back at square one with the house hunt. It is kind of like a bad break up. You should probably take some time to regroup before getting back in the game, but we don't have that option. 

What I've Been Working On... 
     I have been a highly motivated house cleaner lately, lol.  

I also followed this tutorial to make a scarf nursing cover. It was definitely very simply to make. 
The Atkinson Adventures | DIY | 2 in 1 Nursing Cover   Infinity Scarf Tutorial |

I am currently working on this project. Sometimes finding time to sew is not the easiest. I would also say this project is not quite as simple as the nursing scarf. 

What I'm Excited About... 
    At the moment, I don't have a whole lot that I am looking forward too. We aren't making a lot of summer plans since we really don't know what is happening this summer. China Man is still busy working 12 hour days so weekends are generally low key to let him rest up. This is a quiet season for us. It only drives me mildly crazy, lol. I much prefer the busy style of life. 

What I'm Watching/ Reading...
    I have been trying to read this book on my kindle, but I just can't get into it. I read some of the authors other books and LOVED them. This one, not so much. I am really close to just giving up on it. I know there are so many other books out there for me :-) 
 I have seen a few people recommending this book on instagram and was considering buying it. Has anyone read it? 

What I'm Listening To... 
     Thanks to Amazon Prime's music library I am so obsessed with Sam Hunt's cd. I listen to that when I am cleaning/cooking.  Nothing get's me looking more ridiculous in my car than when Flo Rida's song "My House" comes on the radio. I always turn that song way up and start dancing in my seat. Good thing Little Man is still too little to be embarrassed by me. 

What I'm Wearing... 
    Nothing exciting that is for sure! Thanks to my friend's encouragement, I bought some bright coral skinny jeans the other week. They make me feel a little snazzy when I go out on these spring days. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend...
     Starting the dating game again with some new houses. Maybe I'll wear my coral pants and impress them. 

 What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... 
        Warmer temperatures. Eventually it does have to happen! 

Best Mother's Day Gift 
   Mother's Day is kind of like Valentine's Day to me. There is a lot of expectations and pressures for the Dad's to do things. As I mentioned at Valentines Day, these situations are not China Man's strength. Last year he bought me a coffee and donuts, and was confused when people laughed about it. I do not expect any gifts this year except maybe flowers from my parents. Good things I enjoy donuts and flowers :-)  Ultimately,  having my Little Man and his baby brother be healthy and happy is the best gift anyways. ( was that too cheesy? ) 
So that is what is up this month! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello and Goodbye Guilt

   I had always heard of "Mom guilt" as a thing.
I assumed it was real and that when I became a Mom I would probably experience it too.  I assumed it would manifest itself by making me feel like I was not doing enough or expressing enough love for my child(ren)
  Fast forward to the present time when I have one child and one incubating away in me and Mom guilt rears it's ugly head at times. But it also has friends named "Wife Guilt" and "Women Guilt" .   I have Mom guilt all the time. I worry that the Little Man is being rushed out of his "baby years" due to the quick arrival of his baby brother.  We always planned to have more children so he was always going to be a big brother, but soon he won't be my baby anymore. I feel guilty about that sometimes. I feel guilty that I do not have the energy to do as much as I would like with him every day. That by bedtime, it is Mommy who is barely holding on energy wise. I feel guilty that my baby who loves to be held, I can't carry as much as he likes because sometime it causes uncomfortable twinges of pain in my stomach and back. I feel guilt for Baby Brother that the world does not seem as excited for him, as they were his brother.  That a lot of his things will be hand me downs. That because of moving near his birth, we won't be able to savor his newborn days as much.
    I have wife guilt because I am always tired and emotional. China Man is having to be the rock for our family right now and be positive about all our life changes when it comes to buying/selling houses. We have already discussed, I am not the same person pregnant that I am normally. So I feel bad he has to deal with that. I miss being the regular Debbie for him. I feel guilty that our rare time together is usually spent dealing with business items and we rarely get to just be the two of us. Because of his work schedule we don't have the evenings after Little Man is asleep to talk and just relax.
  Then women guilt is almost the worst one of the three! I feel guilty because almost daily I am told how I am lucky to be a SAHM and how I must have all this time with just one child to take care. So I feel like I should be able to do everything. I should not have trouble getting work outs in, keeping my house spotless, cooking uber healthy baby food and nutritious meals for dinner. I should have more than enough time and ability to craft, read and do whatever else. But I DON'T!  So often I feel like I am doing something wrong. I am not a lazy person, I am not an undisciplined person, so why for the life of me can I not keep my floors clean or stay awake long enough to read 2 chapters of a book!? I feel as though I need to constantly prove that I can be a mom, still dress trendy, wear make up and be informed on current events both world and celeb.

If you google Mom guilt, lots of articles pop up. Tons and tons. They all basically say the same thing. You are doing the best you can and this is just a season. I believe that too. Because what was hard for me to get done in a day a year ago, I can now do no problem with Little Man. Life is constantly changing. If you do not like how today went, good news... tomorrow is brand new.  So for me, I have to constantly remind myself that this is just a season. I am pregnant and while I don't always like to use that as an excuse for why I can't do things. It does mean my energy reserve is at a lower capacity these days. So yes, sometimes certain chores get pushed back. They still get done.  Ultimately, I think deep down, you know if you are truly doing your best. If you know you are doing your best, then give yourself some grace and don't expect perfection. We aren't perfect people.

If you google SAHM mom guilt. Not so much pops up. Maybe there is more out there and I just did not find it in my quick google search but either way here is how I deal with it. Find your person. The person you can text when you are feeling incompetent. Whether it is your husband, your friend, your mother, your life coach. Whomever your person, they can be helpful when you are feeling low. Especially another SAHM mom. She will get your day. Secondly, celebrate the things you did get done and don't focus on the things that did not get done. You got the bathrooms cleaned this morning? High five friend. You did not get the laundry folded? Eh, clothes look better after they have sat in the dryer overnight ;-)  You forgot half of your grocery list while you were at the store? But... your child did not have a melt down in the store so WIN! Perspective friends, it can change everything. And in reality what person really has it all together? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, we just don't brag about the weaknesses as much :-)

As far as Wife Guilt, I am not a marriage expert at all so I am not going to pretend to make any suggestions on how to deal with that. I think it helps when you do try to regularly put each other first and make sure your spouse knows you love them every through both serious and silly gestures. Sometimes it is good to right love notes to your husband on his fruit for work. He really likes it ;-)

Ultimately, guilt of any kind does not help you or make you a better person/wife/mom. If anything it distracts you from doing the best job you can.


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Friday, April 22, 2016

High Five for Friday!


Supposedly this weekend China Man and I are going out on Saturday night on a little date. Although Little Man has been beyond cranky and angry this week thanks to some evil, evil molars cutting through. So I am not sure I can release all his rage onto my parents. lol  This week has been a brutal one in the motherhood department, not going to lie. However thanks to some beautiful weather we have had some fun. Here are my favorite moments from the week. 

1. Spending so much time outside!

 Little Man LOVES to be outside so I have tried to get us outside for a little adventure every day. We have gone for walks by the ocean, up small mountains, played at the playground and even did a little water play on a really warm day. 


I pulled out my newborn and 0-3 clothes to see what I needed to stock up on this week. Naturally I just turned into a total mush ball at all of the tiny clothes. Hard to believe that Little Man was every small enough for those tiny clothes. Especially since as I was sorting them, he was carrying them off to hide them in random places. 

My friend sent this to me recently and I died laughing. It is so true.  When you are having a bad day, turning on some good music really can just change everything. My husband did not appreciate that the other day when I was playing old school Britney Spears in the car to pump us up for the house inspection. 


                              . Image result for madam secretary
I started watching this on Netflix and I really like it. I do love a good political drama. I am really only a few episode into it, but it has been nice to find a new show. 

5.  I frequently find myself very worried about what my life will look like with two kids. Especially on weeks like this one. This post gave me confidence that it is totally doable. I know it is obviously doable, billions of people have done it before me but posts like these are nice. 

So those are some highlights from my week! 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

20 Weeks... Woot, Woot!

Happy Thursday Friends.

Wednesday was the halfway mark for this pregnancy. How crazy is that?
I know, I know. Take a minute to really admire the photography skills that is demonstrated in this picture. Don't worry Baby Brother, your older brother had just about the same level of quality of bump pics so don't be too sad.

Needless to say the bump is out there for the world to see these days. I can still wear a lot of my regular shirts thanks to my tendency to wear very loose shirts when I am not pregnant. I can still wear non maternity leggings and non-maternity boyfriend jeans. I was the same with Little Man for most of his pregnancy too.
I do look about six weeks ahead of where I was with Little Man right now.

High points have included finding out we are having a second little boy
 The morning sickness has faded somewhat so it is not ruling my life anymore. I do still get sick in the morning but nowhere near what it used to bed. I don't know if it is the fact that it is my second child and I have a little human to keep up with, but for the most part my energy level is really good. I am able to keep up with things around the house just fine. I also really appreciate being able to stay so much more active this time around and being able to eat healthy foods. Insomnia has also faded away for awhile which is also very nice! 

Some not so great parts include how crazy sore and achy I am. I did not get this way until somewhere around the 30 week mark. I wake up every day with everything hurting, not always fun. But as my midwives like to remind me every check up, this is just par for the course when you have pregnancies so close together. Also a low point was when I saw on my medical forms how much weight I have gained. I try really hard not to know because it is a sensitive issue for me. Unfortunately the midwives have not shown much respect or sensitivity towards this. I definitely freaked out and was very upset because I have been eating so healthy and still working out regularly.  Fortunately, my husband and friend were there to remind me that the ultimate goal is a healthy baby. They also reminded me that I have never owned a scale because I always just base my weight/health on how I feel and how my clothes fit. So that was a good reality check. Plus, I am sorry but pregnancy is not exactly fun. So if I want to splurge and have those fries or bowl of ice cream once and awhile then I will have it!  The pregnancy hormones continue to wage intense war on my life but we have always chatted about that :-) 

I have started to kind of get things in order for Baby Brother. I want to make sure I have things basically prepped  and ready early since we have no idea if we are moving right before Baby is born or the weeks after. Everyone likes to remind me that I do not need much for a second boy, but I want to have a few special items just for him. Not to mention a September baby might not want to be dressed quite as warmly as a February baby. I  also want to have an idea of how I am going to decorate his nursery. 

So that is my halfway bump-date. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day in the Life

What does a typical day look like? Well prepared to be riveted my friends, it is pretty interesting stuff.

My wake up time really ranges from anywhere between 4:30am-6:30am. China Man usually gets into bed around 4am and that will wake me up. Then on sad mornings, Little Man starts talking around 4:30-5:30am. If I am lucky, I can rock him back to sleep until at least 6am. Today Little Man started talked around 4:30 and while he went back to sleep until 6:30am ( which is AMAZING) I never really fell fully back asleep. So I got up around 6:15am. I don't always get up before Little Man but it was nice. I was able to get his and China's man breakfast started, get my coffee made and be sick all before I had to go back upstairs to get the Little Man.

After Little Man is done breakfast he will usually tear apart the kitchen while I do the breakfast dishes and tidy up the kitchen a little. I will usually do a little prep for lunch because that is our big meal of the day.
Today I decided would be a good day to go through Little Man's toy bins. He tends to collect a lot of random non-toy items in his bins. Also he has a lot of rattles and little baby toys that he does not play with anymore. So I sorted toys while he played. Then I did some of my exercise challenge exercises. So Charlie clapped for me while I did some squats and kettle bell thrusts.

Because China Man works second and some of third shift we have to stay downstairs and attempt to be quiet until around 8:30am. The last half hour always seems to be the trickiest for Little Man. So I turned on some nursery rhyme music videos for him and we snuggled on the couch while we tried to stay quiet.

China Man actually woke up early so around 8:45am, I was on the treadmill and ready to run!
Also let it be noted my view of my feet is slowing vanishing, lol. This was not the endorphin filling run I was hoping for as every time I ran I had some sharp pains across the top of my stomach. I know the cardinal rule of exercise while is pregnant is "Listen to your body" sooooo we just power walked at an incline for awhile. Unfortunately it kind of put my bad mood into an even worse mood.

Upstairs Little Man was down for a nap, so I grabbed a shower and visited with China Man a little bit. This is usually our only time to talk without a small person interrupting us. So like any romantic couple we talked while we stripped the bed and put clean sheets on it. Little Man did not nap very long at all so he was up pretty much as soon as the bed was made. Then he and I went down to the kitchen so he could eat and I could start lunch.

 Not only do we eat our big meal for lunch during the week but we also eat rather early. China Man has a very specific routine he likes to keep during the week that includes a nap before he leaves for work. Today's lunch is teriyaki cabbage noodles with cabbage and bbq teriyaki chicken on top. It sounds a little odd but it is so delish. While lunch cooks, I get China Man's lunch put together. He always takes leftovers from past meals and a side salad. Not to mention about 10 different snacks. 

After lunch I clean up the kitchen while Little Man tears apart his favorite cabinet. This is usually when he falls apart and wants to be held. We are in the thick of his molars cutting through and the term "hell on earth" might be appropriate for certain times of day around here. He went down for his nap while I finish cleaning the kitchen, started a load of laundry, swept & mopped the kitchen and finished getting China Man's lunch cooler ready for work. I also prepped the diaper bag so when Little Man wakes up from his nap we can head straight out for errands. He will have his snack in the store and I have a much happier shopping partner. 

Usually I can have anywhere between 20-60 minutes of Little Man napping after China Man leaves. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I just lay on the couch and not move and other times I try to get some more chores done. Today I worked on this blog article and folded laundry while watching some tv. 

Today Little Man slept until 3pm which NEVER happens lol. So the rest of the afternoon was a blur of running errands, feeding him dinner, playing with him, getting him ready for bed 
 Then it took an extra 90 minutes to get him to bed. Usually he goes to bed between 6-6:30pm. Which is really early but he is always ready for it. Tonight we ended up cuddling and watching more nursery rhymes until almost 7:30. I would like to say that usually after he goes to bed, I am the picture of domestic productivity, but HA. I usually eat my dinner, get some basic clean up downstairs done and then lay dead to the world for a little bit. My excuse is that I am pregnant. I don't get a lot of down time during the day, so I get to put my feet up at night. Usually I will rally and get a little project done ( finish blog posts perhaps lol) have my nightly snack of fruit and call it a day. Depending on the night I can fall asleep anywhere between 9:30-11pm. China Man has a break at 10pm and I try to stay awake that late because I usually will get 1 or 2 texts from him. Then I will drift off to sleep listening to a rerun of Friends. 

I told you, I live a riveting life. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Best Moments of the Week

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you all have wonderful things planned for this weekend. The past few weekends have either been rainy or really cold. We also spent the last two weekends working on condo projects. So when I saw that this weekend was supposed to be ideal spring weather, I declared that we would be spending as much time as possible outside. My Cota Men did not argue one bit. It helps that the Little Cota Man is still non-verbal :-) but don't you worry. He lets us know when he is not down with a plan.
I also get to spend Saturday even with two of my best friends. That is always super exciting to me.

  So here are some favorite moments of mine from the week. As always a little random but they all make me smile just thinking about them.


Playing outside with the guy has been fun this week. We have been enjoying the (rather cool) spring temps and Little Man is all about exploring outside. When we do come inside he just stand at the door and stares out the window longingly. He has also been introduced to playing in the dirt this week. My laundry and floors may never be the same. I try to just let him explore, get dirty and have fun. I only cringe a little bit as I watch his clothes just get covered in dirt and sand. Needless to say, I will be picking up some oxiclean this weekend. But he is so cute and happy while he is playing, it is 100% worth it. 


I have been doing these 2 challenges with my friend this month. I love them! I am not sure if it the challenges specifically or having the accountability of a friend who texts you when she is done doing her exercises for the day but they are great.  We actually did the top challenge last spring/summer and it was so amazing helping me get toned up after Little Man. This time I am skipping the legs lifts since they really discourage you laying on your back exercising in the 2nd trimester. I have also been focusing really hard the past 2 weeks on getting 64-96 ounces of water every day. It is crazy how intentional you have to be to get that much water consumed. I definitely feel so much better in general when I am drinking that much water. I do miss my iced coffee though... 

 My friend sent this to me the other morning and I absolutely LOVE it. It made me laugh when I read it, and it is funny how often it runs through my head. Have I mentioned how much I love positive people :-) So not only was the pin a favorite but having a friend thoughtful to send something funny like this was a favorite. 

4.  No picture for this one, but this week I have been LOVING Chocolate Banana Smoothies. 
  • 1 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Cup of Milk 
  • 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon of peanut butter 
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
Put these things in a blender and you have the perfect evening dessert. I think I have had one every day this week. I can justify it since it is almost healthy. I have to be sneaky about when I drink mine though. Little Man also loves them. He will drink half my cup!

5. Definitely the absolute highlight of this week would be this moment 
That is right, Baby 2.0 is a BOY. I am so excited. I love my little boy, and the idea of two little boys close together in age pretty much melts my heart already. This picture also just makes my heart so happy. Little Man's expression is priceless. 

So that sums up my happy week in my little corner of the world. Now if you excuse me, I will just be staring at the cutest ultrasound pictures ever and trying to pick out a nursery theme. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Pinterest Recipes

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I may have mentioned this a time or two ( or a hundred) that I love Pinterest. It is my resource for everything. Occasionally like any good relationship we will hit a snag or two, but overall Pinterest brings nothing but good things. These recipes are recipes that I tried, not only did I like them but have added to my monthly rotation.

3 Ingredient Orange Chicken... I refer to it as OMG Chicken. It is so good! My friend recommended this recipe and it might be the best thing she has ever done for me. I know a lot of recipes claim to taste just like take out, but this actually did taste like something I might get from take out.

Slow Cooker Taco Chicken Bowls.  This recipe has been in rotation for years now actually. It is ridiculously easy and so yummy. I love to make a double recipe for extra leftovers to put on top of salads and for leftovers.  

Apple Chicken Sausage Meatballs with smashed squash  I actually substitute ground chicken instead of chicken sausage but it is still so yummy. It is like a healthy comfort food meal. Double win because Little Man loves this meal 

Apple Bacon Pulled Pork  This was actually a recipe that a friend pinned, and it just immediately spoke to me. I would probably make pulled pork every week if I could. It is so simple and easy. Not to mention delish. This recipe smelled so amazing while it cooked. I will say the original recipe came out a little more liquidy ( is that a word?) than I like so I will probably adjust that in the future.

So these would be some of my absolute favorite pinterest recipes at the moment for dinner. Now if you excuse me, I am pretty sure I need a snack after thinking about these yummy meals.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Pregnancy Hormones

Happy Tuesday Friends!
   I am nearing the halfway mark of this pregnancy which means a couple of things.
 One, holy cow this pregnancy is moving fast. 
Two, we learn the gender of Baby 2.0 soon. 
Three, pregnancy hormones are in full swing.

Generally, non-pregnant Debbie is a very jovial soul. ( When I get my full amount of sleep) I do tend to be a little reactive in life, but I keep it bottled up unless you are on of my "people".  I definitely am not a weepy person, every life event does not make me cry. Nor does every hiccup in life send in me into a deep rage. But then we hit mid pregnancy.... 

With my first pregnancy, I was naive enough to believe that all my emotions were 100% valid. With my first pregnancy my primary emotion was tears. Oh so many tears.... In my defense, I had a horrible pregnancy, my husband spent most of it traveling,  I was alone in an area where I had no friends or support system while trying to move and my dog passed away. Give a girl a break, I think a few tears were in order.  Looking back on it, I just shake my head because there was so many tears. I would cry if my husband did not hug me enough. I would cry if I burnt dinner. I would cry that I had been sick too many times. I would cry that the midwife was not nice. I would cry that an outfit looked weird. When I finally had my baby, the post baby hormones were really nothing compared to the tears of pregnancy.  After I had Little Man and I went 48 hours with no tears, I actually high fived my husband. It was a big deal in my house. 

This time however.... while I do tend to be a little more weepy at times. We are experiencing a new emotion. Rage. So much rage....  I have to limit how often I go on fb because certain people's updates will drive me batty. Like yes please, show me what you look like in the gym mirror. Please post your political opinion about something that no one asked you about or remind me again how much you love your new boyfriend of 2 weeks. 

The good and bad news about this is that I know now that pregnancy emotions are just that. Pregnancy emotions. I know that they are extreme and that how I am feeling is not an accurate description of the current situation.  This self awareness is SO annoying. After a recent "pregnant emotional breakdown" I basically just sent myself to my room for a time out. My amazing husband just let me vent my little pregnant heart out and then gave me space while I regrouped in our room. When I resurfaced, he never said a word about it. Just gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me. 

In my defense nothing about this year is how I was planning so that is not helping my emotional condition. And about 60% of the time I can handle it... but as this baby grows I am noticing my ability to handle is diminishing. 

    It is frustrating because I can see "Pregnant Debbie" and I feel bad for her and the people that suffer her wrath. I know I am being crazy, but I just can't stop it sometimes. Other times I am able to just reason with the crazy hormones. Example, when the church nursery worker learned that my children would be 18 months apart and made a little bit of a snippy comment about it. I was able to refrain and not respond with rage. 

   Things that help with pregnancy rage?  It helps if you have a super laid back, easy going, loving husband. I can go off on the biggest meltdown and he just does not even care. It does not seem to phase him. He lets me vent. He gives me space and occasionally he will suggest I reign myself in. I actually think he handles rageful Debbie better than weepy Debbie. lol!  Understanding friends also help. My friend Emily is a saint about letting me go off on a text and knows that it just needs to get off my chest. She lets me talk and then within seconds the conversation will have switched to something happier or sillier. 
   Things that don't help? Do not tell me that it is just the hormones speaking. At that point, I can't guarantee safety. Do not try to help me look on the bright side. I know there is a bright side and I already feel super guilty for not being able to see it at the moment. 

  What about you, friends? Did you suffer from extreme pregnancy hormones? How did you deal with them? 
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Thursday, April 7, 2016

These are my confessions: Movie Edition

So I love to watch movies. It would probably be one of my more favorite things to do at night. ( Because I am a super cool kid). Before marriage and babies, I spent way too much money on going to the movies. It is still one of my favorite activities, but now I am old and get way too upset at how much they charge for a movie ticket. So I go much less these days. Haha

There are certain movies though, that I am fairly certain will never grow old for me. They are classics. I can not fall asleep without the tv on and these are the movies that I always go back to rewatch.  (I know terrible habit)
This would hands down be one of my most favorite movies ever. Everything about it is perfect.

These are also two movies that would fall in the absolute "perfect" category for me. My poor husband, I think he can probably quote both movies I have watched them so often.

Then there are movies that always bring back memories. My friend and I were actually just talking about this movie remembering how often we watched it when it first came out.
I did not even live in America when this craze happened, and I still got completely sucked into this movie. I do not think I had ever cried at a movie as much as this movie. I will never understand why Rose did not share that debris... and when Kate Winslet finally stated in an interview that Jack could have totally fit on the debris, I felt completely justified.

  When this movie came out in high school, I was so in love with it. It was everything a high school girl would want.I don't think I listened to any other cd but the sound track to this movie for a year. I loved it so much. I mean seriously, when Landon puts her in two places at once.. how can you not be absolutely in love with him? Or when he named a star after her? Obviously, these are all the definitions of true love.

I hate to even admit how old I was when I became totally obsessed with these movies but it definitely was something I was known for loving.
I still own all three movies and their soundtracks. I may have even had one of the songs as my ringtone for the longest time. When the 2nd one premiered, I definitely abandoned my scared freshman college sister her first night of college to watch  High School Musical at my parents hotel room. ( Three cheers for conservative colleges that did not allow tv's in the dorms).

And just to prove that I am a total movie trend follower...

I joined the zillions of people obsessed with this movie/book series. I wish I could justify it, but I really can't. But for the record #teamedward

I could go on and prove that I do watch movies with substance or that were not created for high school students but I feel like that would just turn this into a novel. These were my movie confessions. The good news is that when my kids get caught up with a silly movie, I will be very understanding.