Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Camping Round 1

    This past weekend we took a long weekend and went camping at one of my family's favorite state parks. Tent camping with a 17 month old, and being 35 week pregnant at a super busy campground. You know it was an adventure! Haha

  Last summer we camped when Charlie was 6 months old.  So we were limited on how much we could be in the sun and spent a lot of time taking turns walking him around in his stroller.

This year Charlie is a total beach bum and is made for camp life. Minus his obsession with helping with the campfire and ax. 

 We spent most afternoons on the beach while Charlie played in the waves, and in the sand. Mama worked on her tan that has been woefully lacking this summer and poor China Man just tolerated the beach. To say that my husband is not a beach bum is an understatement. He is a super great sport about tolerating the beach for Charlie and I. Maybe he will get lucky and the second one will dislike the beach with him. 

  I have to admit though, night time in a campsite is not my favorite! Charlie goes to sleep usually between 5:30-6pm. That is early to begin with, but completely unrealistic at a campground. So the combination of minimal naps, late nights and lots of sunshine did make for some interesting moments. Then you spend the whole night just praying nothing wakes him up so you aren't the site with the screaming child. The first night we ended up driving home ( the campground is actually really close to our new house) because I was having so much false labor and Charlie just couldn't fall asleep. The 2nd night we did actually manage to stay over, which was a bit of a family success. Minus the fact that we still ended up driving home for morning naps. Haha! Overall I would still say it was a successful and fun weekend.  We actually still have the site through next weekend so Charlie and I plan to go back up and spend the afternoons up there and China Man will take another long weekend to spend up there. 

I absolutely love this lake and spending time at it. I have been coming here my whole life and sometimes it actually does seem surreal that I am now bringing my children to the lake. My favorite memories are the early mornings on the beach  when it is super quiet and calm. I actually think in general that is my favorite time of day while camping in general. I love the quiet morning at a campsite, especially when it involves a hot cup of coffee in my hand. 

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oh Thursday, am I happy to see you!

Happy Thursday.  I thought I would combine some confessions and thoughts for the day to catch you up on the strange week that I have had!

1. Twice this week I very nearly had to go to the urgent care/hospital. Not a comforting thing at all!  This past weekend was a lot of fun, and so much fun that I forgot to drink my usual ocean of water. The result was some painful Braxton Hicks. Since this isn't my first rodeo, I knew to drink water, lay on my side and wait for them to go away. After over an hour they were staying almost regular. I kept telling China Man it was fine, and they would go away. (If you believe it hard enough, it will happen, ha!) He told me that he was taking a shower and if they hadn't gone away we would call. Thank goodness, they listened to the deadline and no call was made. Then of all things I caught some virus or something. Tuesday I felt super awful all day. I just assumed it was a bad "pregnancy" day. I pretty much did nothing but keep Little Man alive. By the end of the day though, I started having chills which clued me in I might be sick. I took my temperature and had a fever. For the next few hours it did nothing but go up.  Not going to lie, it was kind of scary being home alone during this. I really was not sure what to do. I called the midwife, and we went back and forth on the best plan. It ended with me on Tylenol and heading into the midwive's office first thing the next morning.  The most important thing is that Baby Brother is completely fine, and not showing any indication of an early arrival.

I have begun to practice what I call " 3rd trimester parenting. Sometimes it is just a little easier to let him tear something apart exploring rather than the alternative. The downside is that my house is an epic disaster by the end of the day but at least during the day I was able to grab 5 minutes to sit down. Ha!

3.  We are taking a long weekend and camping this weekend. While I normally love camping, and I am THRILLED to have a long weekend with the China Man ( Believe me when I say, he NEVER has days off) I am a little unsure how camping will go with a 17 month old and being awkwardly pregnant. We sorta tried it last year, but 6 month old Little Man was not a big fan of sleeping in a tent, and then caught a terrible cold. So hopefully this weekend goes a little better, ha!

Look how cute and little he was! We also chose camping to be the first time we introduced noodles to him. 

4. So the wind blows open the curtains in our bedroom every night and it creeps me out every...single... time. Like seriously, do you know how creepy it is when you are taking a shower and you hear your curtains slowly pulling open. 

5.  This summer, I have recently become a big fan of the singer P!nk. More specifically, her song " Just Like Fire". Every time it comes on the radio, I get so happy! It is not like she is a new artist or anything, but all the sudden she just speaks to me. I think stay at home mom's are her target audience. :-) 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites- Summer Bliss!

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you are all finishing the week on a high note. We have a low key weekend of house projects planned since we will be camping for the next two weekends. I have super glamorous plans to finish doing the new baby laundry and get his wall decor hung. I also have a few pesky boxes that I would like to really get rid of from the random corners of the house, but that is up to China Man getting some shelving set up for me. So before you explode from excitement just thinking about my weekend, let me tell you about some fun moments of this weeks.


On Tuesday we met up with two of my friends for a somewhat spontaneous day at the lake. Between two of us, there are 4 boys and next summer there will  be 6 little boys between the 3 of us. I think all play dates will now include caffeine for the mom's. Ha!  I think half the state was at the lake that day because it was so hot. However my favorite lake with my favorite people was definitely a favorite. 

 This is techinically from the same day, but this picture makes me so happy! I have very, very few candid pictures of Little Man and I. My friend snapped this and sent it to me. It is hard to believe in 6 weeks or so it will no longer be just him and I. I know without a doubt I will miss these days of just the two of us. He may drive me crazy some days but he really is the best sidekick and I love being his mom. This picture is how I will remember this summer. He and I just hanging out at the beach as much as possible. 


 We got a new couch this week. Please ignore the super ugly bare walls and toys everywhere this was seconds after it was delivered. (#reallife) Our old couch was actually a loveseat. It was perfect for a condo, but really too small for a family and really too small for my large husband. We have talked about the day we would have a real couch for years, so this was a big day for us. 


 On the back of our property we have a TON of blackberries. This week they have started to ripen enough to eat. One after Little Man and I went down to check them out. Little Man LOVES berries and fruit in general. I really thought he might hyperventilate when he realized he was surrounded by blackberries. He only ate one green berry before he sort of got the hang of picking berries. He would half pick a berry and wait until I gave him the final okay before he plopped it in his mouth. The first time he got pricked, that was the end of berry picking. He toddled himself back up to the house and was done. I think his father has plans to take him back down there for more picking this weekend. 


I built a crib! Now normally, I have China Man do all the building and putting together of things. It is kind of one of those unwritten marriage agreements. He builds everything and I wash all the dishes. However as mentioned, he is working a lot and when he is home he is focused on spending time with Little Man and keeping our yard from becoming a jungle. So I took matter into my own hands. I reminded myself I used to be an independent lady who handled things and I could handle a little ol crib. Truth be told, I may have had it half together before I realized it was backwards. That was a low moment. I forged on and the crib was finished. 

Those are some of the high points of my week. Happy Weekending!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Confession- Pregnancy edition

Linking up with Leigh  for some good old fashioned confessions. This week is pregnancy confessions.

1. All I want from the minute I wake up until I go to bed is a smoothie, milkshake, iced tea or iced coffee. I seriously could probably just consume all my calories via icy beverage and be happy. I usually end up having a smoothie for dinner most nights anyways because its hot and I am alone anyways.  It takes a lot of self restraint to not ask anyone who is coming over to bring a iced beverage with them for me.
  This is seriously the best dessert smoothie ever. Any night I make it, is a good night for me.

2.  No one warns you that with your second pregnancy there is not much extra help or coddling. With the first pregnancy it is new and everyone in the family treats you like fine china. They want to help you clean, your husband will help cook, do the extra laundry etc. This time... not so much. They assume you can handle it because you have already done it before. If I could go back to my first pregnancy I would take advantage of that help so much more. I definitely appreciated it at the time but the idea of someone else folding and putting away laundry, or making a dinner and cleaning it up almost puts me in tears because it sounds so nice right now.

3. I confess that lately my attitude is struggling. I feel like I am barely holding my head above water but everyone keeps expecting me to take care everything like I normally do. I worry all the time how I will do it with 2 little ones. I know lots of people have done it before me and under less ideal situations.... but it doesn't  help me know how I will survive. I also recognize that hormones play a huge factor currently. I kept Little Man alive, I will keep another one alive. We will figure out a new routine and way of life. In a few months I will wonder how I ever had a life without 2 little boys.

4. I confess I am starting to worry about labor. The plan is for another unmedicated labor. It worked really well for us last time. However, China Man and I are not the same couple we were those 18 months ago. We talked and talked about that labor, and about the upcoming baby. We were prepped and ready ( as ready as you can be for your 1st baby) This time, I spend half my time worrying whether or not he will be able to get away from work in time to drive me to the hospital and if he will be able to stay away during my labor. He is so busy right now.  It is such a different situation this time, I wonder if I have the fortitude for the unmedicated labor on my own.

5. I confess... my maternity shirts are starting to not fit! I am not even sure what I will do in a few more weeks.
This picture was taken after I made sure to pull my shirt way down. lol I think my maternity swimsuit will be a maternity bikini by the end of August. The swimsuit is so comical that friends and family actually can't even hold in their initial laughter when they see how bad the swimsuit covers the belly. I considered switching to a bikini top because at this point it might look less weird. But I have never worn a bikini and starting when you are almost 9 months pregnant seems weird. I need to know, where are all the extra long maternity shirts!?

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So...it is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post!  Which I kind of did a few days ago, but I love this link up. 

What we're eating this week...    The goals for my meals these days is very simple. Does not require me to be over the stove too much and simple.  There is a lot of tacos, burgers and pasta salads happening around here. I love to cook except in the summer. 

What I'm reminiscing about...  My old summer single girl routine.  I honestly lived on the beach Friday through Monday. My biggest goal was to have the best tan. I would read a ton of books, listen to music and drink a massive iced coffee.  I did this for several summers and was kind of known for it.  While I still go to the lake/ocean 2-3 times a week with Little Man. Somehow it is not quite the same ;-)  My skin is probably thankful for that though.

What I am loving....  Beach Days! Just because I don't relax on the beach like I used to, doesn't mean I don't still love the beach. Little Man and I are there several times a week. I love it. Not going to lie, it is kind of exhausting hauling my huge self down to the beach with a 17 month old. However it is totally worth it and Little Man loves it. 

What we've been up to...  Well obviously the beach.  We have been visiting friends for various play dates lately. It is always fun. Plus I have been busy trying to set up the house with furniture and make it feel like home.  It is frusterating because it seems to be a slow process, and I would like so much to have my house feel like home before the baby is born.  

What I'm dreading...  Honestly, I am dreading the last six weeks of pregnancy.  Back to back pregnancies is physically hard! Add in a hot, humid summer and I am to struggle.  The difference in a second pregnancy is that this time I do not get to rest when I want to and my work load is triple between moving and having an one year old. I miss my energy and being able to accomplish things in my day. And don't worry I am not naive enough to think I will have the ability to get a lot done after the baby is born. Which is also why I get a little frusterated that I am not getting things done now. 

What I'm excited about...  We have decided this weekend we are going to stay home and just get things done around the house. I am definitely looking forward to that. The weekend is the only time China Man is home long enough and awake enough to get projects done. We do not get to spend a lot of time just the three of us so we always enjoy when we get the chance. Especially when we get to do it in our beloved new home. 

What I am watching/reading...  

   I am rewatching this show again. Usually when I am ready to sit down and relax I last about 15 minutes. So reruns are a good choice. And I just love the Barlett administration.  :-) 

What I am listening to...  Randomly one day Pandora suggested I listen to the 2000's summer hits. I am so glad they did because it is such a fun station! 

What I'm wearing...  Pretty much the same 3 tank tops and 2 pairs of shorts.  I have passed the size of being able to squeeze into my non maternity shorts and shirts. I should not complain because I did make it to 34 weeks. But I may burn those tank tops in September ;-) 

What I'm doing this weekend...  Like I said above, we are sticking close to home to get things done around the house. We might take Little Man to an animal refuge farm also. They have bears, moose, deer and all sorts of other woodland animals. Mostly I look forward to seeing my China Man on the weekends and being able to spend more than half an hour with him.  

What I'm looking forward to next month...  We are spending a week up at Sebago Lake. One of my favorite spots in the entire world.  We are also having a bbq with my two best friends and their families. It might be a little ambitious having a bbq at 39 weeks pregnant but I just want to keep busy until this little guy makes his appearance. Speaking of which, I really would not mind if he made an appearance at the end of the month. I am so curious what kind of little person he will be like.  

What else is new... Pretty sure at this point, we are all caught up on what is new with my life these days. haha 

BONUS QUESTION: What was your favorite part about summer?
Being outside. I love being by the lake with the mountain on the horizon, I love the ocean, I love sitting on the porch in the mornings with my coffee, I love the long sunny day, the thunderstorms, I love grilling, I love all the extra ice cream and I love how relaxed most people are. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Oh hey, remember me.

Hi Friends, remember me? :-)  I did not mean to take such a break from this little hobby but life was crazy with a capital C. So let's recap what is new with life in my corner of the world.

We have a house!!!!  

O.M.G. I seriously never thought it would happen. It seemed like after we went under contract we hit every setback and delay possible. It is really hard not to  stay calm when the closing on your house gets pushed back by a month because of various reasons. Our poor realtor definitely endured a few hormonal breakdowns.
And then it all happened kind of in a whirl wind. We closed on a Friday morning, and Friday afternoon China Man, my Dad and I were driving stuff up to the house. Then Saturday, we got out uhaul truck,  various family members, and the world's best friends and their husbands all came to help us move. I should also mention it was ridiculously hot that day and one of  my friends is also pregnant. But it happened, we moved in and we have a real home. I tell China Man all the time that I am never moving again and he will have to bury me in the backyard. He is not fully convinced that we necessarily need to die in this house.

I sold the condo. For as painfully slow buying our house went, selling the condo was so simple. Three days after we listed the condo for sale, it was under contract. I could not believe it. Our realtor said that we would have offers within a week of being listed, and I did not believe her. Sure enough, within two days we had 2 offers. After we went under contract there were 7 people who wanted to make an offer on it if the contract fell through. I have to admit, as much as I wanted out of that condo and to have a house.... I was sad to see my condo go. I bought that condo by myself after I graduated from grad school. In a sense, I grew up in that condo. I learned to be the a fabulous single lady ;-), I fell  in love with China Man, planned a wedding, brought home our first baby to that condo and learned how to be a Mom in that condo. Not to mention I had the biggest shock of my life by learning I was expecting baby #2 in that condo.  I have so many wonderful memories in that condo. At the closing, I may have gotten a little emotional passing the condo onto a new owner. I am sure pregnancy hormones had nothing to do with that. lol

Speaking of pregnancy... still pregnant. This was at 32 weeks, which is actually two weeks ago. Baby Brother is an active little guy who literally never stop moving. I am serious that I don't think he ever sleeps. It is super crazy that it is almost time to meet him. I am so excited to meet our surprise bundle and hold him. I am also looking forward to not being huge. I have reached the size where strangers comment " you must be due soon" everywhere I go. I have just started to saying "yes" whenever people make that comment. It is less awkward than explaining "No, actually I still have weeks to go".   We have done our hospital tour, his room is half way set up and I am getting ready to wash all the clothes and blankets. It just seems very surreal still. However last week at the midwife appointment, when she told me that he was head down, and wouldn't be moving positions again until he was born... it started to feel a little more real.

Speaking of the little boys in my life, this one continues to be the biggest light of my life. He is such a funny and feisty little guy. He is definitely enjoying summertime. He is such a beach bum baby. He loves to play in the sand, splash in the waves and even float a little when we are at the lake. I worried how he would do with the move but he handled it like a champion. He slept in his new bedroom no problem and walks around the house like he has always owned the place. I did not realize that the condo was cramping his style, but since we have moved this child has never stopped running and moving.

As far as the China Man goes, these two pictures pretty much describe his life lately. He is either spending time with the Little Man or at work. He works 10-12 hour days and if he is lucky gets 4 hours of sleep Monday through Thursday. He works so hard to make sure we have everything we need and can save for our future. And with what little free time he does have he is on the ground wrestling with the Little Man or sneaking him ice cream. If you ever really want to test your marriage have an unplanned pregnancy, buy a house, sell a house, and have him work 55+ hours all at the same time. Life isn't always rainbows and sprinkles but there is no one else I would rather have snoring beside me when we get to sit on the porch together on Sunday nights.

So that is where our life is at these days. Happy to see you again, friends.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Oh What's Up April?

Linking up today with Larson LingoMix & Match Mama and Pinterest Told Me To for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week... 
     Oh you know me, always trying new recipes. Today I made Pioneer Women's Grilled Spicy Vegetable Panini's. I tried to find a recipe online, but no luck. It did come out of her Food From My Frontier Cookbook.   I seriously love all four of her cookbooks so much. I use at least one of her recipes every week.

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
  What spring would feel like! My town got 4 inches of snow yesterday and that is just SO inappropriate. Last week it was 70 degrees and Little Man was playing outside wearing sunscreen. Today my car was covered in snow. I just want spring!

What I'm Loving... 
      I have probably said this 100 times but I love this phase with Little Man. Granted the molars coming in, may be the death of us all but he is just so funny! 

What We've Been Up To... 
     We were busy trying buy a house, but that fell through this week. The seller was just completely unwilling to negotiate on anything. So that was extremely dissapointing. But who knows maybe now we will be able to find a house that we can move into before September.  I have been trying to get ready for Little Brother, but I am really limited in what I can do. 

What I'm Dreading... 
   I am really not looking forward to starting back at square one with the house hunt. It is kind of like a bad break up. You should probably take some time to regroup before getting back in the game, but we don't have that option. 

What I've Been Working On... 
     I have been a highly motivated house cleaner lately, lol.  

I also followed this tutorial to make a scarf nursing cover. It was definitely very simply to make. 
The Atkinson Adventures | DIY | 2 in 1 Nursing Cover   Infinity Scarf Tutorial | http://www.theatkinsonadventures.com:

I am currently working on this project. Sometimes finding time to sew is not the easiest. I would also say this project is not quite as simple as the nursing scarf. 

What I'm Excited About... 
    At the moment, I don't have a whole lot that I am looking forward too. We aren't making a lot of summer plans since we really don't know what is happening this summer. China Man is still busy working 12 hour days so weekends are generally low key to let him rest up. This is a quiet season for us. It only drives me mildly crazy, lol. I much prefer the busy style of life. 

What I'm Watching/ Reading...
    I have been trying to read this book on my kindle, but I just can't get into it. I read some of the authors other books and LOVED them. This one, not so much. I am really close to just giving up on it. I know there are so many other books out there for me :-) 
 I have seen a few people recommending this book on instagram and was considering buying it. Has anyone read it? 

What I'm Listening To... 
     Thanks to Amazon Prime's music library I am so obsessed with Sam Hunt's cd. I listen to that when I am cleaning/cooking.  Nothing get's me looking more ridiculous in my car than when Flo Rida's song "My House" comes on the radio. I always turn that song way up and start dancing in my seat. Good thing Little Man is still too little to be embarrassed by me. 

What I'm Wearing... 
    Nothing exciting that is for sure! Thanks to my friend's encouragement, I bought some bright coral skinny jeans the other week. They make me feel a little snazzy when I go out on these spring days. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend...
     Starting the dating game again with some new houses. Maybe I'll wear my coral pants and impress them. 

 What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... 
        Warmer temperatures. Eventually it does have to happen! 

Best Mother's Day Gift 
   Mother's Day is kind of like Valentine's Day to me. There is a lot of expectations and pressures for the Dad's to do things. As I mentioned at Valentines Day, these situations are not China Man's strength. Last year he bought me a coffee and donuts, and was confused when people laughed about it. I do not expect any gifts this year except maybe flowers from my parents. Good things I enjoy donuts and flowers :-)  Ultimately,  having my Little Man and his baby brother be healthy and happy is the best gift anyways. ( was that too cheesy? ) 
So that is what is up this month! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello and Goodbye Guilt

   I had always heard of "Mom guilt" as a thing.
I assumed it was real and that when I became a Mom I would probably experience it too.  I assumed it would manifest itself by making me feel like I was not doing enough or expressing enough love for my child(ren)
  Fast forward to the present time when I have one child and one incubating away in me and Mom guilt rears it's ugly head at times. But it also has friends named "Wife Guilt" and "Women Guilt" .   I have Mom guilt all the time. I worry that the Little Man is being rushed out of his "baby years" due to the quick arrival of his baby brother.  We always planned to have more children so he was always going to be a big brother, but soon he won't be my baby anymore. I feel guilty about that sometimes. I feel guilty that I do not have the energy to do as much as I would like with him every day. That by bedtime, it is Mommy who is barely holding on energy wise. I feel guilty that my baby who loves to be held, I can't carry as much as he likes because sometime it causes uncomfortable twinges of pain in my stomach and back. I feel guilt for Baby Brother that the world does not seem as excited for him, as they were his brother.  That a lot of his things will be hand me downs. That because of moving near his birth, we won't be able to savor his newborn days as much.
    I have wife guilt because I am always tired and emotional. China Man is having to be the rock for our family right now and be positive about all our life changes when it comes to buying/selling houses. We have already discussed, I am not the same person pregnant that I am normally. So I feel bad he has to deal with that. I miss being the regular Debbie for him. I feel guilty that our rare time together is usually spent dealing with business items and we rarely get to just be the two of us. Because of his work schedule we don't have the evenings after Little Man is asleep to talk and just relax.
  Then women guilt is almost the worst one of the three! I feel guilty because almost daily I am told how I am lucky to be a SAHM and how I must have all this time with just one child to take care. So I feel like I should be able to do everything. I should not have trouble getting work outs in, keeping my house spotless, cooking uber healthy baby food and nutritious meals for dinner. I should have more than enough time and ability to craft, read and do whatever else. But I DON'T!  So often I feel like I am doing something wrong. I am not a lazy person, I am not an undisciplined person, so why for the life of me can I not keep my floors clean or stay awake long enough to read 2 chapters of a book!? I feel as though I need to constantly prove that I can be a mom, still dress trendy, wear make up and be informed on current events both world and celeb.

If you google Mom guilt, lots of articles pop up. Tons and tons. They all basically say the same thing. You are doing the best you can and this is just a season. I believe that too. Because what was hard for me to get done in a day a year ago, I can now do no problem with Little Man. Life is constantly changing. If you do not like how today went, good news... tomorrow is brand new.  So for me, I have to constantly remind myself that this is just a season. I am pregnant and while I don't always like to use that as an excuse for why I can't do things. It does mean my energy reserve is at a lower capacity these days. So yes, sometimes certain chores get pushed back. They still get done.  Ultimately, I think deep down, you know if you are truly doing your best. If you know you are doing your best, then give yourself some grace and don't expect perfection. We aren't perfect people.

If you google SAHM mom guilt. Not so much pops up. Maybe there is more out there and I just did not find it in my quick google search but either way here is how I deal with it. Find your person. The person you can text when you are feeling incompetent. Whether it is your husband, your friend, your mother, your life coach. Whomever your person, they can be helpful when you are feeling low. Especially another SAHM mom. She will get your day. Secondly, celebrate the things you did get done and don't focus on the things that did not get done. You got the bathrooms cleaned this morning? High five friend. You did not get the laundry folded? Eh, clothes look better after they have sat in the dryer overnight ;-)  You forgot half of your grocery list while you were at the store? But... your child did not have a melt down in the store so WIN! Perspective friends, it can change everything. And in reality what person really has it all together? Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, we just don't brag about the weaknesses as much :-)

As far as Wife Guilt, I am not a marriage expert at all so I am not going to pretend to make any suggestions on how to deal with that. I think it helps when you do try to regularly put each other first and make sure your spouse knows you love them every through both serious and silly gestures. Sometimes it is good to right love notes to your husband on his fruit for work. He really likes it ;-)

Ultimately, guilt of any kind does not help you or make you a better person/wife/mom. If anything it distracts you from doing the best job you can.


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