Monday, July 25, 2016

Oh hey, remember me.

Hi Friends, remember me? :-)  I did not mean to take such a break from this little hobby but life was crazy with a capital C. So let's recap what is new with life in my corner of the world.

We have a house!!!!  

O.M.G. I seriously never thought it would happen. It seemed like after we went under contract we hit every setback and delay possible. It is really hard not to  stay calm when the closing on your house gets pushed back by a month because of various reasons. Our poor realtor definitely endured a few hormonal breakdowns.
And then it all happened kind of in a whirl wind. We closed on a Friday morning, and Friday afternoon China Man, my Dad and I were driving stuff up to the house. Then Saturday, we got out uhaul truck,  various family members, and the world's best friends and their husbands all came to help us move. I should also mention it was ridiculously hot that day and one of  my friends is also pregnant. But it happened, we moved in and we have a real home. I tell China Man all the time that I am never moving again and he will have to bury me in the backyard. He is not fully convinced that we necessarily need to die in this house.

I sold the condo. For as painfully slow buying our house went, selling the condo was so simple. Three days after we listed the condo for sale, it was under contract. I could not believe it. Our realtor said that we would have offers within a week of being listed, and I did not believe her. Sure enough, within two days we had 2 offers. After we went under contract there were 7 people who wanted to make an offer on it if the contract fell through. I have to admit, as much as I wanted out of that condo and to have a house.... I was sad to see my condo go. I bought that condo by myself after I graduated from grad school. In a sense, I grew up in that condo. I learned to be the a fabulous single lady ;-), I fell  in love with China Man, planned a wedding, brought home our first baby to that condo and learned how to be a Mom in that condo. Not to mention I had the biggest shock of my life by learning I was expecting baby #2 in that condo.  I have so many wonderful memories in that condo. At the closing, I may have gotten a little emotional passing the condo onto a new owner. I am sure pregnancy hormones had nothing to do with that. lol

Speaking of pregnancy... still pregnant. This was at 32 weeks, which is actually two weeks ago. Baby Brother is an active little guy who literally never stop moving. I am serious that I don't think he ever sleeps. It is super crazy that it is almost time to meet him. I am so excited to meet our surprise bundle and hold him. I am also looking forward to not being huge. I have reached the size where strangers comment " you must be due soon" everywhere I go. I have just started to saying "yes" whenever people make that comment. It is less awkward than explaining "No, actually I still have weeks to go".   We have done our hospital tour, his room is half way set up and I am getting ready to wash all the clothes and blankets. It just seems very surreal still. However last week at the midwife appointment, when she told me that he was head down, and wouldn't be moving positions again until he was born... it started to feel a little more real.

Speaking of the little boys in my life, this one continues to be the biggest light of my life. He is such a funny and feisty little guy. He is definitely enjoying summertime. He is such a beach bum baby. He loves to play in the sand, splash in the waves and even float a little when we are at the lake. I worried how he would do with the move but he handled it like a champion. He slept in his new bedroom no problem and walks around the house like he has always owned the place. I did not realize that the condo was cramping his style, but since we have moved this child has never stopped running and moving.

As far as the China Man goes, these two pictures pretty much describe his life lately. He is either spending time with the Little Man or at work. He works 10-12 hour days and if he is lucky gets 4 hours of sleep Monday through Thursday. He works so hard to make sure we have everything we need and can save for our future. And with what little free time he does have he is on the ground wrestling with the Little Man or sneaking him ice cream. If you ever really want to test your marriage have an unplanned pregnancy, buy a house, sell a house, and have him work 55+ hours all at the same time. Life isn't always rainbows and sprinkles but there is no one else I would rather have snoring beside me when we get to sit on the porch together on Sunday nights.

So that is where our life is at these days. Happy to see you again, friends.

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