Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday Confession- Pregnancy edition

Linking up with Leigh  for some good old fashioned confessions. This week is pregnancy confessions.

1. All I want from the minute I wake up until I go to bed is a smoothie, milkshake, iced tea or iced coffee. I seriously could probably just consume all my calories via icy beverage and be happy. I usually end up having a smoothie for dinner most nights anyways because its hot and I am alone anyways.  It takes a lot of self restraint to not ask anyone who is coming over to bring a iced beverage with them for me.
  This is seriously the best dessert smoothie ever. Any night I make it, is a good night for me.

2.  No one warns you that with your second pregnancy there is not much extra help or coddling. With the first pregnancy it is new and everyone in the family treats you like fine china. They want to help you clean, your husband will help cook, do the extra laundry etc. This time... not so much. They assume you can handle it because you have already done it before. If I could go back to my first pregnancy I would take advantage of that help so much more. I definitely appreciated it at the time but the idea of someone else folding and putting away laundry, or making a dinner and cleaning it up almost puts me in tears because it sounds so nice right now.

3. I confess that lately my attitude is struggling. I feel like I am barely holding my head above water but everyone keeps expecting me to take care everything like I normally do. I worry all the time how I will do it with 2 little ones. I know lots of people have done it before me and under less ideal situations.... but it doesn't  help me know how I will survive. I also recognize that hormones play a huge factor currently. I kept Little Man alive, I will keep another one alive. We will figure out a new routine and way of life. In a few months I will wonder how I ever had a life without 2 little boys.

4. I confess I am starting to worry about labor. The plan is for another unmedicated labor. It worked really well for us last time. However, China Man and I are not the same couple we were those 18 months ago. We talked and talked about that labor, and about the upcoming baby. We were prepped and ready ( as ready as you can be for your 1st baby) This time, I spend half my time worrying whether or not he will be able to get away from work in time to drive me to the hospital and if he will be able to stay away during my labor. He is so busy right now.  It is such a different situation this time, I wonder if I have the fortitude for the unmedicated labor on my own.

5. I confess... my maternity shirts are starting to not fit! I am not even sure what I will do in a few more weeks.
This picture was taken after I made sure to pull my shirt way down. lol I think my maternity swimsuit will be a maternity bikini by the end of August. The swimsuit is so comical that friends and family actually can't even hold in their initial laughter when they see how bad the swimsuit covers the belly. I considered switching to a bikini top because at this point it might look less weird. But I have never worn a bikini and starting when you are almost 9 months pregnant seems weird. I need to know, where are all the extra long maternity shirts!?

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  1. Thanks for linking up!! You are a beautiful pregnant lady!! You can do this mama - you made me laugh at loud at the lack of coddling in 2nd pregnancies - so very true!