Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Happiness!

Happy Friday Friends! It has been a sickly week around here so many runny noses and so little sleep! But that is okay, the cold common cold and yuckies can't stay here forever.  Not to sound too selfish but my one goal is to not get sick myself. I am pretty sure there is nothing worse than being a sick Mom. oih!!

Despite the excessive sniffles and coughing happening around here, there are have been some fun moments too.

1. Leprechaun Bait

One day, I opened Pinterest and this was ALL over my feed. It looked sugary, disgusting and I had to try it! It is also perfect because Charlie loves to "cook" so he could pour and mix these ingredients. Until the melted white chocolate part, of course.  We made it for a play date. Unfortunately the play date got cancelled thanks to all the sickies. Soooo, it is up to me to finish it ;-) 

 Charlie has started this habit of just randomly coming up behind me, wrapping his chubby little arms around my neck and kissing my shoulder. How can you not melt when he does that. 


   This little squish is just killing it in the cuteness department this week. Even though he is a stuffed up mess, he is still in such a good mood. I have to admit, I was a little surprised. He is not always the  most low key child. We have been working on eating our solids and sleeping through the night. In true Henry fashion, it has not been the easiest transition. I am starting to think Baby Led Weaning might be more his style. He really enjoys gumming things on his own. 

    We tried this dinner this week 

 It was pretty tasty! It is a big meal so we had leftovers for a few days. I think I would make it again. I do love a good casserole. 

5. April the Giraffe  is anyone totally sucked into it? I checked in on her so much this week. Like at 2am when I am nursing my little babe, I check in on that Giraffe mama. I feel like my odds are really high when I check at 2am. I told my friend, I just know she will go into labor when I am nowhere near my phone. 

So those are some highlight from this week that do not include lysol, vitamin C and lemon tea 
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