Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oh the places you will go

So on June 15, 2015 we received some epic life changing news... I was pregnant. On Father's Day while my parents were asleep in my basement, I took a quick pregnancy test. Except it was one of those non-digital tests and I really wasn't sure if it was positive or not. So I dragged China Man into the bathroom and asked him what he thought. He wasn't really sure himself. So we decided we would wait until after my parents left that afternoon and go buy a digital pregnancy test. I swear it was the longest kayak trip of my life with my parents. Both China Man and I were freaking out wondering if I was pregnant or not but trying to act totally cool. In hindsight, I probably should have just realized that I was pregnant since I had been feeling queasy for a few weeks, regular head aches and being
At Target pretending I wasn't freaking out about potentially being pregnant.

The final confirmation that I really was pregnant
I would like to say that my pregnancy was super easy and I enjoyed every minute but that is not the case. I was so nauseous the ENTIRE pregnancy. I might have gone like 2 weeks without throwing up in the past 10 months. It was brutal. The anti-nausea medicine was my best friend for a long time. Then it stopped working as well. That was a sad, sad day for me. Other pleasant side effects included sciatic nerve pain, head aches, and extreme exhaustion ( but everyone enjoys that one).

 I should also add, after we found out I was pregnant China Man took a new job, and we moved 90 minutes south of where we lived. So selling your home, starting renovation on a condo, starting a new job and prepping for your first baby in the middle of winter in Maine. Makes for some serious special family memories :-)