Thursday, January 28, 2016

Friday Favorites- Good bye January!

I don't know what happened this week but all the sudden, I am just SO ready for January to be over. I am ready for a new month, and I always look at February as the sign that winter is slowly coming to an end. I know, I know, there are probably half a dozen old time Mainers who will want to remind me that we can still get snow in April. They will want to reference some storm twenty five years ago that happened to remind me that it can happen. I however choose to be optimistsic and believe that in February the main part of winter is behind us and every week just brings us closer to spring. Thank you Jesus.

So with that being said, here are a few of my favorite moments from this week....

  On Thursday this Mama got a morning off. I do not know what happened but on Monday I knew I needed a break. Usually once a month or so I have a girls night with at least one or more friends. That however hasn't happened in about two months, and I think this week it just boiled over. So I very calmly and firmly informed China Man that on Thursday morning I would be going out on my own and it would not include errands. That is exactly what I did. My level of extreme excitement about my 3.5 hours out of the house on a Thursday morning was mildly embaressing and told me that I should probably make an effort to do that a little more. Ironically, I spent my morning shopping for both China Man and my Little Man and found nothing for myself. I did however get a haircut which pretty much made my entire week right there. (A good blogger would probably have a selfie of herself shopping or showing off her cute new little bob, but I am a work in progress and wasn't feeling the selfies today)

Okay so maybe he is my favorite every week :-)  I took this picture for snapchat to show my sister how he had fallen and hurt his forehead. Her response was that I looked more upset then he did. Granted, I had distracted him from pain with a cracker, but it was true. At first when he started moving around more, I had to always be telling him it was okay and to "shake it off" because every fall really wasn't the end of the world. But now... I am pretty sure he is giving me looks that mean "Chill out Mom". For example today he lost his balance, hit the dining room table leg with his face, fell to the floor, rolled several time right into the cupboard door. I was ready for epic tears, probably another bloody lip and who knows what else. Instead, he was more interested in the leftover sweet potato he found on the floor. So if you ever my see my child fall, and I don't react. I am not a careless Mom, my child is just already too cool  and "tough" for my affection. 

Another random favorite from this week is tacos. I grew up eating tacos almost weekly, and always enjoyed them. I always enjoy Mexican food when I go out to eat but for some reason I never make tacos that often. I really don't know why because China Man loves them too. But this week I made them, and I am pretty sure that I decided they were officially going to be a weekly thing in my house too. Like why did I ever break up with them? Then when I was on pinterest looking for an image of tacos, I realized just  how many variations of taco recipes there are out there. #gamechanger 
In case you were wondering this is Pioneer Women's chicken tacos and I have tried these. They were a hit in our little house. As mentioned before, I am loyal, die hard Pioneer Women fan. Except for when she posted the pretzel covered goat cheese recipe. There is a line, and that is it. 

And just because this post hasn't been random enough, here are two ecards that definitely cracked me up this week. 

Have a lovely weekend my dears! 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What's Up Wenesday

I thought I would do something a little different and link up with Larson Lingo, Mix & Match Mama and Pinterest Told Me To for What's Up Wednesday.

What We're Eating This Week... 
    Funny you should ask because I just tried a new recipe yesterday. I was really super hesistant to try it, but my friend swore her family loved it. Even while I was making it, I commented to my husband that it could potentially be my biggest pinterest fail yet.

The verdict, it was delicious. Not to mention, super easy! If I were to make it again, I would probably increase the salsa and decrease the sour cream. Also, I didn't even use sour cream, I just used greek yogurt. China Man loves when I do this ;-)  I asked China Man what he thought of the recipe, and he said he liked it. He told me next time I should consider using tuna instead of chicken. I really don't even know.... 

What I'm Reminiscing About... 
    This showed up on my Facebook memory from a year ago. It made me laugh 
I ended up writing a much more thorough plan, but really this one was enough. Just have a baby. 

What I'm Loving... 
     I am definitely loving our non-winter. It has been un-seasonably warm this week and I love it. I love all the seasons that Maine brings, but if we don't have to freeze our behinds off every time we walk outisde, that is okay too. Not to mention I have developed a strong fear of falling while carrying my Little Man. 

What We've Been Up To... 
    Honestly, not a whole lot. January is always a really quiet month for us. We basically turn into hermits, and just chill at home. By the end of the month, I am always ready to rejoin civilization but I do kind of enjoy the quiet weekends and working on things at home. 

What I'm Dreading... 
    I have a basket of laundry that I have ignored folding for the past 2 days, and I don't think I can put it off another day. Does that count? Obviously life is really a tough road for me these days. 

What I've Been Working On... 
      One thing you can always say about the Cota's, we always are working on something. I have been working on Little Man's birthday decorations, and opening an Etsy shop for my in laws. China Man is working on redoing our stairs. He is ripping up the carpet and putting down stained stairs. There was probably a better way to describe what he is doing, but that is the gist of it. 

What I'm Excited About... 
      SO MUCH! I just realized that February is going to be such a fun month. We have fun things planned almost every weekend.  Plus this weekend we finally get to go out to dinner with my best friend and her husband. I feel like it has gotten rescheduled a lot, but probably only once. I am so excited to eat out in a real restaurant. ( I told you, January is a sloooow month for us) 

What I'm Watching/ Reading...
   I actually just started watching NCIS. There is like 300 episodes on Netflix so it has potential to be a long term relationship. I love a good cop/crime show. ( although not sure if this really qualifies as good, but it is entertaining) 
 And just in case you started questioning my intelligence level, this is the book I just downloaded 
I love reading biographies and historical fiction. I have only just started it, but so far I have enjoyed it. The author definitely has a very casual way of speaking about the first ladies. I have never heard an author refer to Martha Washington's children as "brats" before.  Like I said, so far it has been really interesting. 

What I'm Listening To... 
    I wish I had something trendy, but really I just listen to my child talk, play or cry. After all of that, I usually need a little silence. 

What I'm Wearing... 
I think that about sums it up. 

What I'm Doing this Weekend...
    Well I already answered that sorta. We have a fabulous parent's night out planned, and Little Man is having his pictures taken on Saturday morning. Woo-hoo!! 

 What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month... 

     We have my birthday, Little Man's birthday and Valentines Day to celebrate. I love birthdays, and love to make HUGE deals out of them. China Man really loves when we have his "Birthday week" We have a few other things happening as well, so I think February 2016 is going to be fabulous. 

Favorite Valentines Treat... 
   Duh.... Chocolate! Does not matter what kind or in what form, I just love chocolate. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

11 Months. How is that possible?

My sweet little baby is 11 months old. I am sorry but how is that even humanly possible? Yesterday I am fairly certain he looked like this.
And now he is this little monster.

This past month has been an interesting one, I feel like we are dipping our toes into toddler territory sometimes. He isn't walking yet but he can really get wherever he wants. It is weird, he used to always be happy playing beside me but then all the sudden he has stopped being happy beside me and wants to explore everywhere he should not be. Then there is the tantrums... oh the fun. You are 10 months old, how can you possibly have that much emotion? 
He does pretty good with independent play. We set him in front of his toys and (sometimes) he will play happily for 15-20 minutes. I always wonder what he is thinking when he is playing though. He just moves blocks from one container to another, then occasionally will hold them up in the air and just smile. 
Another things that has really changed this past month, he wants to be in everything and has no fear! I try to remain a calm mom.  (I know some people still consider me a "helicopter" mom but I made him so I can hover anytime I want.) So when he falls, or hurts himself I don't try to make a big deal out of it. We usually will hug him, give him kisses but then try to distract him or tickle him. But this child has already made me gasp so many times the past few weeks. Like why does a 10 month old need to attempt to dive over a laundry basket to get a toy? Why did he think it was smart to try and roll off his changing table? Why does he want to go headfirst into the toilet bowl? All very valid (in my opinion) questions that I ask myself frequently.

The best parts of this month, I love seeing his face light up when he sees people he knows. When he is unsure of a situation or person, he tends to be very stoic and reserved. After he gets to know you , he turns into a smiling, talkative little boy. When his Dad picks him up from the nursery he always gets so excited and happy. The nursery workers comment that they always can tell when Dad walks in. I love watching his silly personality growing.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woo hoo for Friday! I think we are one of the few states on the East Coast not being impacted by snow right now. Slightly ironic since our state is always associated with snow. So here are a few of  my favorite moments from this week. 

 This morning was kind of a stressful morning as China Man and I had an appointment that required Little Man stay with his grandfather. It was just hectic actually getting my Cota Men up and out of the house on time, and where we all needed to be on time. Then the appointment went WAY longer than I planned. I started getting very antsy about not being on schedule, the fact we had taken way more of my Dad's time then I had said and then this picture showed up on my phone. 
Like seriously, way to melt a Mama's heart. It just calmed me down and made me so happy. 

This basically describes me this week hardcore. I have been passed out by 9pm some nights. Actually last Saturday China Man and I rented the movie The Martian with Matt Damon. It was a good movie but was much more shocking to me is that we started the movie at 8pm and stayed awake until 10:30 when it ended. We never stay awake for movies. If I asked China Man to watch a movie, guarantee he will be snoring within 15 minutes. We are clearly an edgy couple. 

 Having China Man home on Monday was definitely my favorite for the week too. I would include a cute selfie if we ever took them anymore, ha! 

 Remember when I said my friends send me the funniest things sometimes. These were two that definitely made me laugh this week. 
I know this one is old, but it really is a classic. Not to mention so true. 

This is definitely my kind of balance!

So those are my favorite moments from this quiet little week. 

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

So you remember that one time I started blogging super faithful for 2 weeks and then decided to stop for a week? Yeah me either :-) 

So lots of exciting things happening around here. And by exciting I mean, the Little Man has really perfected his ability to throw his food, learned how to tantrum, never takes naps and refuse to sleep at night. He has also turned into a total cheese ball and knows just how to give these ridiculous smiles over the top smiles that just have to make you laugh. 
Not his cheesy smile but still makes me smile 

I am currently in 1st Birthday prep mode. I started a little early because we are having pictures taken at the end of this month and I want to incorporate some of the decorations from the party in the pictures. We are doing a lumberjack themed party and if the decoration come out even half as cute as I imagine then I will be happy.  I know some people probably would think it is ridiculous to do all this for a birthday for him when he won't even remember or care. Here is my defense on that situation. First of all I just love to plan cute themed parties or events. I would host parties or dinners every week if I could with fun themes if I didn't live in a condo, had more friends and didn't mind torturing my husband. (Actually the last one isn't true, China Man is the best sport when I have theme or idea. He probably should have earned saint hood for what I put him through for our DIY wedding.)  Secondly, a year ago I spent my son's birthday actually giving birth. So I think a party just to celebrate that I am not giving birth is a great idea. Finally, I think a party to celebrate that we survived our first year as parents is a great idea. I heard that the first year is the hardest. I do not know if that is true or not. While there were definitely some less that stellar moments, I feel like the teenage years will be a lot harder. The bonus about the teenage years is that if he has gas, I do not have spend hours walking the hallway patting his back. 

We spent MLK day by going up to visit China Man's parents. They live about 90 minutes away from us. We try to get up about once a month or so. Charlie always starts shy but obviously his "Mammie" knows how to win his heart back with books and snacks. Side note, do you see that beautiful ivy plant behind her? Yep, that is my stubborn ivy plant that pretended to be half dead until it found a better window.  Don't worry, on the way home I told China Man that I was not admitting defeat and that when we got a new house I would be getting a new ivy plant. I will not be defeated. 

So that is that. Obviously we are living life on the edge around her. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Long time no talk :-)  Sometimes life just gets away from us doesn't it? Let's recap some of the fun that has been happening around here in our fast paced life.
We have been busy reading lots of books. Two months ago I never dreamed I would be looking at a book that just identifies vehicles all day, everyday. It is his favorite book and he will sit there as long as a 10.5 month old can look at anything. The funniest part is how much everyone else dislikes it. My favorite is when my sister commented " Why do you have to love this book so much, it is so boring".

In other big baby development news, Little Man has learned how to climb the stairs. He thinks he is hot stuff climbing the stairs. He tends to get a little distracted while climbing so don't worry Mom and Dad stay very close behind him. If there is anything on the steps while he is climbing, he will throw it over his shoulder. Very helpful.
My experimenting with essential oils continues. I love it. I now mop my floors with essential oils, and use them as an all purpose cleaner. I even have China Man drinking peppermint oil to help when he has heartburn. When he burnt his finger a few weeks ago, I used Fir Tree oil and Lavender with a carrier oil. It actually worked! It is crazy but very cool.  Again, five years ago if you had told me I would be enjoying this, I probably would have laughed in your face. 

We had another mini snow storm. I actually don't even know if it qualifies as a snowstorm but we did get 6 inches of snow. I have no pictures of the snow because after the first snow fall it really doesn't seem that magical. It is so funny that it is January 13'th and we just had our 2nd big snow fall. Normally the month of March is so long and miserable to me due to all the snow, the dark days and lack of anything fun but I think this year things will go very differently.

So that is really just an update on life around here lately and all things domestic. China Man has essentially moved into his job and been doing oodles of overtime. Which is a blessing in many ways but we still miss him lots too. We are quite a pair half asleep on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother at night.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Enjoying my little moments

You know what is funny. How often when people ask me what my plans are for the day I usually respond "Nothing special" or when people ask what I did with my day I respond with " Not a whole lot". Then I started thinking about it, that is kind of ridiculous. On my Monday, I worked out, I baked 2 loaves of bread, I made chicken pot pie, I baked mini muffins for the Little Man, I cleaned a bathroom, reorganized a dresser, did two loads of laundry, swept and mopped the downstairs floor only a hundred times, fed my Cota men, kept my Little Man from completely destroying the house, had my quiet time, cleaned the basement a little, and about 10 other little things. That is just my "not too busy, nothing special kind of day."

 I am currently reading Simply Tuesday by Emily Freeman. I feel as though I may be the last person on the planet to have read this book, and I am only a portion of the way through it but so far I love it. She said something in the introduction that I have thought about so much
    "If the the light of a Tuesday morning candle isn't bright enough to light the room, a spotlight won't be either.
   If the home where we live on Tuesday doesn't satisfy, we'll find ourselves always searching but never quite finding" 
  The whole premise is that Tuesday is the most ordinary un-special day of the week. But if we can't find joy, peace and purpose on our every days when can we? 

 It is funny how I said that "Joyfully Content"  would be my "goal/resolution" this year and since then it seems as though everything I have been reading has been about that topic. So even though today was a Thursday and not a Tuesday I tried to just accept my day for what it was, not wish for what it wasn't and smile. The funny part is that even if my to do list did not get done in the order of what I would have preferred, it all got done eventually. I may have sent a text that stated I was one mini tantrum away from loosing my mind but that was nothing a cup of tea and bagel could not fix during nap time. 

  So I guess the point is just that if you think a big new house will fix your problems, guess what? You will still have dishes, laundry and household maintenance. If you think new friends will make things better, guess what? They are still imperfect humans too. So embrace the little things, it will make your heart happy and your day more fun. For me today the little things included a mini coffee date with my China Man while my other Man napped, tickling my Little Man so much he could not stop snorting, and sipping my cup of hot cocoa in bed. ( I decided I am not dieting this year, I'll make "skinny" my word next year, ha!) 

Sometimes what makes these moments even better is when you text a friend and let them know. I LOVE getting texts from people that tell me what little thing they are enjoying at that moment. Fresh manicure, playing with the dog, homemade latte, renting a movie, favorite song on the radio... it is nice when you know the people you love are enjoying their day. If you catch yourself relishing a simple but lovely moment in an ordinary day and you want to share it with someone and you don't know who, tell me :-) I am happy to hear about it. 

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why I will never run a greenhouse


We all have strengths and weaknesses. It is how the world works. In this world of social media, I follow a lot of different bloggers, Mom's and crafters on instagram. They post the most amazing craft projects, amazing looking desserts, have beautiful well organized homes, talk about how they ran 30 miles before breakfast or solved world hunger while raising their babies. ( Yes, that last one might have been a little sarcastic). The point is I tend to look at the picture and think these women have it all together. They always look put together, their kids never seem fussy and it is just so stinkin perfect!I wonder what I do that keeps my life from being that perfect. My husband would just say that I should stop looking and worry about myself and that is very good advice. But lets be honest, that isn't going to happen. Because when you are home all day with a baby and you maybe see your husband for 2-3 hours a day, instagram is your only link to the semi-real world. I have just instead started reminding myself that everyone has strengths and weakness. My husband is the most loving man on the planet, but goodness gracious getting a compliment from him is like asking a hippo to wear skinny jeans. It just doesn't work well. I know he loves me and he has a billion other wonderful qualities so I have stopped expecting compliments of any kind from him. In fact I almost prefer that he doesn't even try to compliment me anymore....
Just felt like a loving picture would be appropriate now.

So here are some of my strengths and weaknesses. Or at least the ones I am willing to share publicly.
Strength-  I am crazy good at sticking leafy green vegetables into everything. Don't worry about my Cota Men. They will never have a deficit on their leafy green intake. 

Case and point, the spinach and banana muffins I made yesterday. Now should spinach and banana be combined in muffin form? I am sure a classy foodie person might disagree, but I think these are great!  And do not even get me started on beet pancakes.  My Little Man attacks all of these with a passion. Lasagna, pot pie, soups, casseroles, smoothies, egg dishes... I mean the possibilities for which kale, and spinach can be added is endless.  My favorite is when people are eating at my house and are telling me how they would never eat those 2 things, while they are actually unknowingly eating it. You are welcome. I am also happy to report that now I have been introduced to collard greens and I think it will be another positive relationship. 

Weakness- Caffeine  

I work so hard to be healthy. I kill myself to make non-processed whole food meals and snacks for my family. I exercise 4 to 5 times a week to stay healthy (and lose the baby jiggle) but I am absolutely powerless to caffeine when it comes in 3 forms. Coffee, lattes or Diet Coke. I know,  I know. Diet Coke is the absolute worst thing on the planet. In my defense, I drink A LOT less than I used to. Now it is just like the little happy boost on the days when I really need it. I know too much caffeine has so many negative health impacts and I do try to keep a reign on it.  With that said, I almost always have some kind of caffeinated beverage in my hand. (until 2pm and then I turn into a 90 year old and have to swear the stuff away until the next day.) 

Weakness-  I kill all plants.... I love them so much and am powerless when it comes to a clearance shelf of plants. I feel so bad for them and want them all to have good homes. Then they come home, China Man gives me "the look" and about three weeks later my poor little plant is dead. It have come to the realization the first step in this problem would be to water them...
   I would include some pictures but it is really sad. An album of all my gardening failures. I once had an ivy plant for 2 years and I was SO proud of this plant. The only problem was that while technically it was alive, my ivy plant had no leaves. It always looked like it was on the verge of death. I loaned it to my mother in law while we were moving, and when we went to her house about a month later... it looked amazing! So full of life, so many leaves, it was practically sparkling. Needless to say, that plant stayed with my mother in law, and just taunts me every time we visit. 

Strength- I can grow a Christmas cactus. A friend gave me one as a house warming present 2 years ago and I am proud to share that it is still alive about tripled in size. I once saw a Christmas cactus that was 85 years old. I am now determined that mine is going to stay alive at least 10 years. 

Strength- I am a very loyal and protective person. 
   If I consider you one of my "People" then you best believe I would be the first person to get into a fight to defend you. If people bad mouth you behind your back, I will definitely set them straight. If you need soup, I will make you soup from scratch and drive it over. I still laugh when I remember the scene I made at a job when I felt a supervisor was treating a good friend unfairly and moving her to a different office when she was not even working. I think I practically body blocked the supervisor from the desk.  I honestly do not think there is a situation a friend could be in that I would not hold my friends hand and support them in any way possible. I often joke that I express my love in the form of protectiveness. 

Weakness - I am not great at maintaining friendships. I used to be. I would call, email, text or whatever the appropriate form of communication was to keep us in touch. Now the minute I feel like the friendship is starting to fade or if I feel like the friend is giving me the brush off, repeatedly telling me how "busy" she is, I just stop making an effort and stop worrying about it. I also have a tendency to stopping communicating if all the friend does is complain. There is enough negativity in the world without a daily dose of it being broadcast on my phone.  There is difference between a bad day complaining and I am very aware of that. Believe me, I send my share of " I am going to lose my mind" kind of texts. I could explain the reasons and past friendships that have made me this way but the truth of the matter is it simply isn't my best quality.   

So the point simply is that for every strength you see in a person, is there is a weakness they have. Sometimes the strength is also their weakness. Let's celebrate both because having a weakness certainly is not a flaw. It means we are normal human beings  which is not a bad thing

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A honest look at Tuesday

Today was one of those days. Here are some reasons why I did not enjoy today..   It is cold, it is dark all the time, I have seen my husband about a total of 1.5 hours in the past 36 hours, my child has decided head diving into furniture is a good sport, and when he is not diving he is destroying everything. I always think I am going to do so many projects after he goes to bed but somehow I end up just zoned out with reruns of West Wing eating whatever requires the least amount of effort

Why oh why.... 
So since I am supposed to trying to be more content and all that jazz let's discuss the things that did make me feel all the warm and fuzzies today. 

This child thinks that it is way better to eat his crumbs off the floor and his high chair than actually sitting in his chair. I will probably eventually have be parental and not allow him to keep eating off the floor but right now it is just really cute. Don't worry though, these floors are thoroughly cleaned between each meal. ;-) 

Also can we talk about his big boy pajamas? Like shut the front door, how cute is that? Between his fluffy cloth booty and his potbelly I just want to squeeze him. When he was first born he was a really scrawny baby. Like complete strangers would stop me in the store to tell me how small he was. Thank you complete stranger, as if  first time motherhood is not peachy enough I am glad to know that you have a grandson the same age who is triple my son's size. Apparently body shaming starts with infants now. So to all the Mom's scrawny thin babies out there... I feel ya. I know that you probably nurse that baby constantly and that your child is healthy and happy. Not to mention, have hope! Someday you will probably have a chunky man child who grows out of half his clothes every week. 

These slippers literally really do make me feel so warm and fuzzy 

I never use to be a slippers kind of girl. Then China Man bought these for me and there is no going back now. I need them on my feet as soon as I am home. I am not super hard core about my slippers like China Man though. He will bring his slippers anytime we go to someone else's house. Does not matter whose house, if we are going to be there any amount of time his slippers are coming. 

While granted this did not happen today, the ability to go outside and take a walk this past weekend was so amazing. I love being outside anytime of year. Granted I might be just as happy to go inside during the winter months, but 30 minutes outside is the best. 

The last thing is a new online Bible study I am doing with the Women Living Well. I have done terrible connecting with a in person small group or Mom's group. So I decided to try this. We are studying the book of Job. Which will definitely put things in perspective when you think you are having a bad day. If you are ever curious just look at the hashtag #goodmorninggirls on instagram. 

So that is my day in a nutshell. Hopefully tomorrow will include a little less head diving, less dropping my husband lunch on the floor, a little more grace on my part  and maybe a little time at my craft table. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Joyfully Content in 2016

New Years resolutions are so 2010 :-)
I am not sure when everyone started picking words or phrases to make their focus for the the year but I like it. Don't worry I still have my goals too. Those will just stay between me and my journal. However I think it is pretty obvious what my "word" is for 2016. To be "Joyfully Content" 

   "Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content."

I have a terrible habit of always thinking the "grass is greener" in every other pasture. When I lived up north after China Man and I first married I believed that if we moved back to Southern Maine we would be so much happier, and life would be better for us. Now that we have moved back to Southern Maine (and for the record for anyone who does know us, he did not move to Southern Maine for me!) I think back to where we lived and think that life was so great in that house, in that community etc. The truth of the matter is all situations have good sides and bad sides. As a Christian, I understand there is no such thing as perfection on this earth. I believe in heaven, where God has created a perfect place for. However, that doesn't always mean we can't strive to better our situations. 

  We currently live in a condo which is 960 square feet. There are days were I strongly dislike every single foot. I do not know how many times I have cried and complained that this house will never seem clean, uncluttered or organized. For some reason it seems like a reflection of me as a wife and Mom. When in reality is that, yes we are a family in a temporary living situation. Yes, we have A LOT of stuff and we have this little 10 month tornado that leaves an epic trail of debris.  However, I do think we have made the best of what we have, and the condo can be a very cozy spot. (But preferably no one ever stop by without some advance notice. No advance notice leads to minor heart attacks and hearty dose of humble pie for myself.) 

   " A merry heart does good like medicine; But a broken spirit dries the bones" 

I would like to be a person who is authentically happy and cheerful about life. I don't know how likely that is while attempting to finalize the sale of a house and buy a new house... but I am willing to give it a shot.  No one ever suffered from being too happy or cheerful.  How often do you hear people complaining about an acquaitance who is just too cheerful? At least for me personally, I ADORE people who are cheerful and happy. I consider them a rare breed of people but immediately want to be their friends when I meet them. Don't you always leave just feeling better about things after you chat with these people? I use to be very close friends with a girl I worked with and she was honestly the most upbeat and positive person ever. She would put a positive spin on everything and rarely complained. She made a very negative workplace a pleasurable place to work. I saw how people were around her too. They made an attempt to be more kind and positive when she was in the room.  We all can name a friend who is never happy. Who always is complaining about the weather, their spouse, boyfriend, job etc. How do we feel after we have interacted with that person? I know personally I feel drained, and grumpy myself. I am always happy to be a listening ear for friends and I am a firm believer in sometimes just venting however there needs to be a balance. Does the vent sessions out weigh the times you just put a positive light on things? 

 So the point is that this year I will be striving to be happy and content not just for my benefit but also for my family and friends.