Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back in the Saddle Again

So you remember that one time I started blogging super faithful for 2 weeks and then decided to stop for a week? Yeah me either :-) 

So lots of exciting things happening around here. And by exciting I mean, the Little Man has really perfected his ability to throw his food, learned how to tantrum, never takes naps and refuse to sleep at night. He has also turned into a total cheese ball and knows just how to give these ridiculous smiles over the top smiles that just have to make you laugh. 
Not his cheesy smile but still makes me smile 

I am currently in 1st Birthday prep mode. I started a little early because we are having pictures taken at the end of this month and I want to incorporate some of the decorations from the party in the pictures. We are doing a lumberjack themed party and if the decoration come out even half as cute as I imagine then I will be happy.  I know some people probably would think it is ridiculous to do all this for a birthday for him when he won't even remember or care. Here is my defense on that situation. First of all I just love to plan cute themed parties or events. I would host parties or dinners every week if I could with fun themes if I didn't live in a condo, had more friends and didn't mind torturing my husband. (Actually the last one isn't true, China Man is the best sport when I have theme or idea. He probably should have earned saint hood for what I put him through for our DIY wedding.)  Secondly, a year ago I spent my son's birthday actually giving birth. So I think a party just to celebrate that I am not giving birth is a great idea. Finally, I think a party to celebrate that we survived our first year as parents is a great idea. I heard that the first year is the hardest. I do not know if that is true or not. While there were definitely some less that stellar moments, I feel like the teenage years will be a lot harder. The bonus about the teenage years is that if he has gas, I do not have spend hours walking the hallway patting his back. 

We spent MLK day by going up to visit China Man's parents. They live about 90 minutes away from us. We try to get up about once a month or so. Charlie always starts shy but obviously his "Mammie" knows how to win his heart back with books and snacks. Side note, do you see that beautiful ivy plant behind her? Yep, that is my stubborn ivy plant that pretended to be half dead until it found a better window.  Don't worry, on the way home I told China Man that I was not admitting defeat and that when we got a new house I would be getting a new ivy plant. I will not be defeated. 

So that is that. Obviously we are living life on the edge around her. 

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