Sunday, January 3, 2016

Joyfully Content in 2016

New Years resolutions are so 2010 :-)
I am not sure when everyone started picking words or phrases to make their focus for the the year but I like it. Don't worry I still have my goals too. Those will just stay between me and my journal. However I think it is pretty obvious what my "word" is for 2016. To be "Joyfully Content" 

   "Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content."

I have a terrible habit of always thinking the "grass is greener" in every other pasture. When I lived up north after China Man and I first married I believed that if we moved back to Southern Maine we would be so much happier, and life would be better for us. Now that we have moved back to Southern Maine (and for the record for anyone who does know us, he did not move to Southern Maine for me!) I think back to where we lived and think that life was so great in that house, in that community etc. The truth of the matter is all situations have good sides and bad sides. As a Christian, I understand there is no such thing as perfection on this earth. I believe in heaven, where God has created a perfect place for. However, that doesn't always mean we can't strive to better our situations. 

  We currently live in a condo which is 960 square feet. There are days were I strongly dislike every single foot. I do not know how many times I have cried and complained that this house will never seem clean, uncluttered or organized. For some reason it seems like a reflection of me as a wife and Mom. When in reality is that, yes we are a family in a temporary living situation. Yes, we have A LOT of stuff and we have this little 10 month tornado that leaves an epic trail of debris.  However, I do think we have made the best of what we have, and the condo can be a very cozy spot. (But preferably no one ever stop by without some advance notice. No advance notice leads to minor heart attacks and hearty dose of humble pie for myself.) 

   " A merry heart does good like medicine; But a broken spirit dries the bones" 

I would like to be a person who is authentically happy and cheerful about life. I don't know how likely that is while attempting to finalize the sale of a house and buy a new house... but I am willing to give it a shot.  No one ever suffered from being too happy or cheerful.  How often do you hear people complaining about an acquaitance who is just too cheerful? At least for me personally, I ADORE people who are cheerful and happy. I consider them a rare breed of people but immediately want to be their friends when I meet them. Don't you always leave just feeling better about things after you chat with these people? I use to be very close friends with a girl I worked with and she was honestly the most upbeat and positive person ever. She would put a positive spin on everything and rarely complained. She made a very negative workplace a pleasurable place to work. I saw how people were around her too. They made an attempt to be more kind and positive when she was in the room.  We all can name a friend who is never happy. Who always is complaining about the weather, their spouse, boyfriend, job etc. How do we feel after we have interacted with that person? I know personally I feel drained, and grumpy myself. I am always happy to be a listening ear for friends and I am a firm believer in sometimes just venting however there needs to be a balance. Does the vent sessions out weigh the times you just put a positive light on things? 

 So the point is that this year I will be striving to be happy and content not just for my benefit but also for my family and friends.

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