Monday, January 25, 2016

11 Months. How is that possible?

My sweet little baby is 11 months old. I am sorry but how is that even humanly possible? Yesterday I am fairly certain he looked like this.
And now he is this little monster.

This past month has been an interesting one, I feel like we are dipping our toes into toddler territory sometimes. He isn't walking yet but he can really get wherever he wants. It is weird, he used to always be happy playing beside me but then all the sudden he has stopped being happy beside me and wants to explore everywhere he should not be. Then there is the tantrums... oh the fun. You are 10 months old, how can you possibly have that much emotion? 
He does pretty good with independent play. We set him in front of his toys and (sometimes) he will play happily for 15-20 minutes. I always wonder what he is thinking when he is playing though. He just moves blocks from one container to another, then occasionally will hold them up in the air and just smile. 
Another things that has really changed this past month, he wants to be in everything and has no fear! I try to remain a calm mom.  (I know some people still consider me a "helicopter" mom but I made him so I can hover anytime I want.) So when he falls, or hurts himself I don't try to make a big deal out of it. We usually will hug him, give him kisses but then try to distract him or tickle him. But this child has already made me gasp so many times the past few weeks. Like why does a 10 month old need to attempt to dive over a laundry basket to get a toy? Why did he think it was smart to try and roll off his changing table? Why does he want to go headfirst into the toilet bowl? All very valid (in my opinion) questions that I ask myself frequently.

The best parts of this month, I love seeing his face light up when he sees people he knows. When he is unsure of a situation or person, he tends to be very stoic and reserved. After he gets to know you , he turns into a smiling, talkative little boy. When his Dad picks him up from the nursery he always gets so excited and happy. The nursery workers comment that they always can tell when Dad walks in. I love watching his silly personality growing.

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