Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Favorites

Woo hoo for Friday! I think we are one of the few states on the East Coast not being impacted by snow right now. Slightly ironic since our state is always associated with snow. So here are a few of  my favorite moments from this week. 

 This morning was kind of a stressful morning as China Man and I had an appointment that required Little Man stay with his grandfather. It was just hectic actually getting my Cota Men up and out of the house on time, and where we all needed to be on time. Then the appointment went WAY longer than I planned. I started getting very antsy about not being on schedule, the fact we had taken way more of my Dad's time then I had said and then this picture showed up on my phone. 
Like seriously, way to melt a Mama's heart. It just calmed me down and made me so happy. 

This basically describes me this week hardcore. I have been passed out by 9pm some nights. Actually last Saturday China Man and I rented the movie The Martian with Matt Damon. It was a good movie but was much more shocking to me is that we started the movie at 8pm and stayed awake until 10:30 when it ended. We never stay awake for movies. If I asked China Man to watch a movie, guarantee he will be snoring within 15 minutes. We are clearly an edgy couple. 

 Having China Man home on Monday was definitely my favorite for the week too. I would include a cute selfie if we ever took them anymore, ha! 

 Remember when I said my friends send me the funniest things sometimes. These were two that definitely made me laugh this week. 
I know this one is old, but it really is a classic. Not to mention so true. 

This is definitely my kind of balance!

So those are my favorite moments from this quiet little week. 

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