Thursday, January 28, 2016

Friday Favorites- Good bye January!

I don't know what happened this week but all the sudden, I am just SO ready for January to be over. I am ready for a new month, and I always look at February as the sign that winter is slowly coming to an end. I know, I know, there are probably half a dozen old time Mainers who will want to remind me that we can still get snow in April. They will want to reference some storm twenty five years ago that happened to remind me that it can happen. I however choose to be optimistsic and believe that in February the main part of winter is behind us and every week just brings us closer to spring. Thank you Jesus.

So with that being said, here are a few of my favorite moments from this week....

  On Thursday this Mama got a morning off. I do not know what happened but on Monday I knew I needed a break. Usually once a month or so I have a girls night with at least one or more friends. That however hasn't happened in about two months, and I think this week it just boiled over. So I very calmly and firmly informed China Man that on Thursday morning I would be going out on my own and it would not include errands. That is exactly what I did. My level of extreme excitement about my 3.5 hours out of the house on a Thursday morning was mildly embaressing and told me that I should probably make an effort to do that a little more. Ironically, I spent my morning shopping for both China Man and my Little Man and found nothing for myself. I did however get a haircut which pretty much made my entire week right there. (A good blogger would probably have a selfie of herself shopping or showing off her cute new little bob, but I am a work in progress and wasn't feeling the selfies today)

Okay so maybe he is my favorite every week :-)  I took this picture for snapchat to show my sister how he had fallen and hurt his forehead. Her response was that I looked more upset then he did. Granted, I had distracted him from pain with a cracker, but it was true. At first when he started moving around more, I had to always be telling him it was okay and to "shake it off" because every fall really wasn't the end of the world. But now... I am pretty sure he is giving me looks that mean "Chill out Mom". For example today he lost his balance, hit the dining room table leg with his face, fell to the floor, rolled several time right into the cupboard door. I was ready for epic tears, probably another bloody lip and who knows what else. Instead, he was more interested in the leftover sweet potato he found on the floor. So if you ever my see my child fall, and I don't react. I am not a careless Mom, my child is just already too cool  and "tough" for my affection. 

Another random favorite from this week is tacos. I grew up eating tacos almost weekly, and always enjoyed them. I always enjoy Mexican food when I go out to eat but for some reason I never make tacos that often. I really don't know why because China Man loves them too. But this week I made them, and I am pretty sure that I decided they were officially going to be a weekly thing in my house too. Like why did I ever break up with them? Then when I was on pinterest looking for an image of tacos, I realized just  how many variations of taco recipes there are out there. #gamechanger 
In case you were wondering this is Pioneer Women's chicken tacos and I have tried these. They were a hit in our little house. As mentioned before, I am loyal, die hard Pioneer Women fan. Except for when she posted the pretzel covered goat cheese recipe. There is a line, and that is it. 

And just because this post hasn't been random enough, here are two ecards that definitely cracked me up this week. 

Have a lovely weekend my dears! 

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