Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A honest look at Tuesday

Today was one of those days. Here are some reasons why I did not enjoy today..   It is cold, it is dark all the time, I have seen my husband about a total of 1.5 hours in the past 36 hours, my child has decided head diving into furniture is a good sport, and when he is not diving he is destroying everything. I always think I am going to do so many projects after he goes to bed but somehow I end up just zoned out with reruns of West Wing eating whatever requires the least amount of effort

Why oh why.... 
So since I am supposed to trying to be more content and all that jazz let's discuss the things that did make me feel all the warm and fuzzies today. 

This child thinks that it is way better to eat his crumbs off the floor and his high chair than actually sitting in his chair. I will probably eventually have be parental and not allow him to keep eating off the floor but right now it is just really cute. Don't worry though, these floors are thoroughly cleaned between each meal. ;-) 

Also can we talk about his big boy pajamas? Like shut the front door, how cute is that? Between his fluffy cloth booty and his potbelly I just want to squeeze him. When he was first born he was a really scrawny baby. Like complete strangers would stop me in the store to tell me how small he was. Thank you complete stranger, as if  first time motherhood is not peachy enough I am glad to know that you have a grandson the same age who is triple my son's size. Apparently body shaming starts with infants now. So to all the Mom's scrawny thin babies out there... I feel ya. I know that you probably nurse that baby constantly and that your child is healthy and happy. Not to mention, have hope! Someday you will probably have a chunky man child who grows out of half his clothes every week. 

These slippers literally really do make me feel so warm and fuzzy 

I never use to be a slippers kind of girl. Then China Man bought these for me and there is no going back now. I need them on my feet as soon as I am home. I am not super hard core about my slippers like China Man though. He will bring his slippers anytime we go to someone else's house. Does not matter whose house, if we are going to be there any amount of time his slippers are coming. 

While granted this did not happen today, the ability to go outside and take a walk this past weekend was so amazing. I love being outside anytime of year. Granted I might be just as happy to go inside during the winter months, but 30 minutes outside is the best. 

The last thing is a new online Bible study I am doing with the Women Living Well. I have done terrible connecting with a in person small group or Mom's group. So I decided to try this. We are studying the book of Job. Which will definitely put things in perspective when you think you are having a bad day. If you are ever curious just look at the hashtag #goodmorninggirls on instagram. 

So that is my day in a nutshell. Hopefully tomorrow will include a little less head diving, less dropping my husband lunch on the floor, a little more grace on my part  and maybe a little time at my craft table. 

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