Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Day in the Life

What does a typical day look like? Well prepared to be riveted my friends, it is pretty interesting stuff.

My wake up time really ranges from anywhere between 4:30am-6:30am. China Man usually gets into bed around 4am and that will wake me up. Then on sad mornings, Little Man starts talking around 4:30-5:30am. If I am lucky, I can rock him back to sleep until at least 6am. Today Little Man started talked around 4:30 and while he went back to sleep until 6:30am ( which is AMAZING) I never really fell fully back asleep. So I got up around 6:15am. I don't always get up before Little Man but it was nice. I was able to get his and China's man breakfast started, get my coffee made and be sick all before I had to go back upstairs to get the Little Man.

After Little Man is done breakfast he will usually tear apart the kitchen while I do the breakfast dishes and tidy up the kitchen a little. I will usually do a little prep for lunch because that is our big meal of the day.
Today I decided would be a good day to go through Little Man's toy bins. He tends to collect a lot of random non-toy items in his bins. Also he has a lot of rattles and little baby toys that he does not play with anymore. So I sorted toys while he played. Then I did some of my exercise challenge exercises. So Charlie clapped for me while I did some squats and kettle bell thrusts.

Because China Man works second and some of third shift we have to stay downstairs and attempt to be quiet until around 8:30am. The last half hour always seems to be the trickiest for Little Man. So I turned on some nursery rhyme music videos for him and we snuggled on the couch while we tried to stay quiet.

China Man actually woke up early so around 8:45am, I was on the treadmill and ready to run!
Also let it be noted my view of my feet is slowing vanishing, lol. This was not the endorphin filling run I was hoping for as every time I ran I had some sharp pains across the top of my stomach. I know the cardinal rule of exercise while is pregnant is "Listen to your body" sooooo we just power walked at an incline for awhile. Unfortunately it kind of put my bad mood into an even worse mood.

Upstairs Little Man was down for a nap, so I grabbed a shower and visited with China Man a little bit. This is usually our only time to talk without a small person interrupting us. So like any romantic couple we talked while we stripped the bed and put clean sheets on it. Little Man did not nap very long at all so he was up pretty much as soon as the bed was made. Then he and I went down to the kitchen so he could eat and I could start lunch.

 Not only do we eat our big meal for lunch during the week but we also eat rather early. China Man has a very specific routine he likes to keep during the week that includes a nap before he leaves for work. Today's lunch is teriyaki cabbage noodles with cabbage and bbq teriyaki chicken on top. It sounds a little odd but it is so delish. While lunch cooks, I get China Man's lunch put together. He always takes leftovers from past meals and a side salad. Not to mention about 10 different snacks. 

After lunch I clean up the kitchen while Little Man tears apart his favorite cabinet. This is usually when he falls apart and wants to be held. We are in the thick of his molars cutting through and the term "hell on earth" might be appropriate for certain times of day around here. He went down for his nap while I finish cleaning the kitchen, started a load of laundry, swept & mopped the kitchen and finished getting China Man's lunch cooler ready for work. I also prepped the diaper bag so when Little Man wakes up from his nap we can head straight out for errands. He will have his snack in the store and I have a much happier shopping partner. 

Usually I can have anywhere between 20-60 minutes of Little Man napping after China Man leaves. Sometimes I blog, sometimes I just lay on the couch and not move and other times I try to get some more chores done. Today I worked on this blog article and folded laundry while watching some tv. 

Today Little Man slept until 3pm which NEVER happens lol. So the rest of the afternoon was a blur of running errands, feeding him dinner, playing with him, getting him ready for bed 
 Then it took an extra 90 minutes to get him to bed. Usually he goes to bed between 6-6:30pm. Which is really early but he is always ready for it. Tonight we ended up cuddling and watching more nursery rhymes until almost 7:30. I would like to say that usually after he goes to bed, I am the picture of domestic productivity, but HA. I usually eat my dinner, get some basic clean up downstairs done and then lay dead to the world for a little bit. My excuse is that I am pregnant. I don't get a lot of down time during the day, so I get to put my feet up at night. Usually I will rally and get a little project done ( finish blog posts perhaps lol) have my nightly snack of fruit and call it a day. Depending on the night I can fall asleep anywhere between 9:30-11pm. China Man has a break at 10pm and I try to stay awake that late because I usually will get 1 or 2 texts from him. Then I will drift off to sleep listening to a rerun of Friends. 

I told you, I live a riveting life. 

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