Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Random Happiness

Hello Friends!
   Happy Tuesday!  Life is rolling along and I just keep bumping along with it. ( Yes that was a total pun on my current bump). Today I was thinking about things in my daily life that make me happy both big and little. The list made me happy just thinking about it during the day.

Now this first one may seem random but...
 I have this Starbucks tumbler, and it is the best water cup on the planet. I bought this cup right before my first pregnancy and it never left my side those 10 months. Once a water bottle keeps you hydrated during labor, there is a bond that is form. A few months after Little Man was born my cup took a tragic fall and I might have teared up. My loving husband surprised me a few months ago with a new cup and it was probably the sweetest thing he has done all year. So for random reasons, this cup just makes me SO happy.

So normally, I am a firm believer of waiting until it is warm, but Maine is being a little difficult about that. However my iced coffee biological clock is ringing, I need that wonderful-ness.  Again, it makes me SO happy.

This turkey definitely makes me more than happy. He is perfecting the art of pointing at things he wants and trying to express himself. Lets just say it seems like he wanting whatever I am currently eating or drinking. Also, he is so loud. China Man and I are both fairly quiet people so I do not know where this loud child came from. 

This is hands down my favorite tv show. Don't come between me and my Monday night show. haha. I love how they always keep it positive and family friendly. I love everything about it. My poor friends, if I know they are watching I will be texting them my opinions on each dance. By the end of the show I get far to emotionally involved in who I want to win.

So this is just a few of the random things that currently make me smile. It is always nice to take stock of the little things. Reminds you that life does not always need to be the big events.

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