Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Life These Days

Happy Wednesday Friends!

These days keep seeming to fly by but at the same time, just crawl. It is quite the paradox. Ha!

Keeping up this one is always a full time job. He has graduated from the super awkward walk to almost/semi confidently walking.

He has really been into walking into circles. I could tell the exact minute he felt confident walking in circles because he started laughing. 

The house hunt has taken a new turn as we made an offer on a home over the weekend. How crazy is that? China Man and I saw the house and we just knew. It was the home for us. Honestly it is pretty ugly outside of the house, but it has plenty of potential with a little love. The inside has the open concept that I love and really nice sized bedrooms. With just a little work ( from China Man) the downstairs will easily be finished into an amazing family room area. It is definitely a house where I can see my babies growing up in. There is a few glitches that we are still working on, the biggest one being that the house is currently rented out until August. The current tenant is trying to buy a house themselves and hoping to move out before August but if not... we can't move until the end of September. Part of me basically just wants to just crawl into bed and hide because moving with a newborn was the exact thing that I was trying to avoid. There is really no positive aspects to that scenario no matter how I look at it. Sooo fingers crossed and lots of prayers that the tenants find a home before then.  I know we can make it work because we always do, but I would really like for something in this year to go according to plan. Lol!

So when China Man isn't working 12 hours a day, he is busy wrapping up projects in the condo and cleaning things up around here. We were laughing today because he spends his day worrying about finishing current condo projects and planning/estimating for future house projects. I spend my day planning for baby stuff and cleaning out closets. Because we do not know when we are moving, I am trying to make sure I am not scrambling for this little one. Phase one, updating nursing/pumping supplies. Starting with the fun stuff :-) What is nice this time around is that I do know what I like using or what I did not. Makes shopping so much less stressful and overwhelming. Woo-hoo! 

So as you can see not much is happening, but yet our days are busy. My big excitement is waiting for next Friday when we get to find out the gender of Baby 2.0. Eek!  

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