Thursday, April 21, 2016

20 Weeks... Woot, Woot!

Happy Thursday Friends.

Wednesday was the halfway mark for this pregnancy. How crazy is that?
I know, I know. Take a minute to really admire the photography skills that is demonstrated in this picture. Don't worry Baby Brother, your older brother had just about the same level of quality of bump pics so don't be too sad.

Needless to say the bump is out there for the world to see these days. I can still wear a lot of my regular shirts thanks to my tendency to wear very loose shirts when I am not pregnant. I can still wear non maternity leggings and non-maternity boyfriend jeans. I was the same with Little Man for most of his pregnancy too.
I do look about six weeks ahead of where I was with Little Man right now.

High points have included finding out we are having a second little boy
 The morning sickness has faded somewhat so it is not ruling my life anymore. I do still get sick in the morning but nowhere near what it used to bed. I don't know if it is the fact that it is my second child and I have a little human to keep up with, but for the most part my energy level is really good. I am able to keep up with things around the house just fine. I also really appreciate being able to stay so much more active this time around and being able to eat healthy foods. Insomnia has also faded away for awhile which is also very nice! 

Some not so great parts include how crazy sore and achy I am. I did not get this way until somewhere around the 30 week mark. I wake up every day with everything hurting, not always fun. But as my midwives like to remind me every check up, this is just par for the course when you have pregnancies so close together. Also a low point was when I saw on my medical forms how much weight I have gained. I try really hard not to know because it is a sensitive issue for me. Unfortunately the midwives have not shown much respect or sensitivity towards this. I definitely freaked out and was very upset because I have been eating so healthy and still working out regularly.  Fortunately, my husband and friend were there to remind me that the ultimate goal is a healthy baby. They also reminded me that I have never owned a scale because I always just base my weight/health on how I feel and how my clothes fit. So that was a good reality check. Plus, I am sorry but pregnancy is not exactly fun. So if I want to splurge and have those fries or bowl of ice cream once and awhile then I will have it!  The pregnancy hormones continue to wage intense war on my life but we have always chatted about that :-) 

I have started to kind of get things in order for Baby Brother. I want to make sure I have things basically prepped  and ready early since we have no idea if we are moving right before Baby is born or the weeks after. Everyone likes to remind me that I do not need much for a second boy, but I want to have a few special items just for him. Not to mention a September baby might not want to be dressed quite as warmly as a February baby. I  also want to have an idea of how I am going to decorate his nursery. 

So that is my halfway bump-date. 

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