Thursday, April 7, 2016

These are my confessions: Movie Edition

So I love to watch movies. It would probably be one of my more favorite things to do at night. ( Because I am a super cool kid). Before marriage and babies, I spent way too much money on going to the movies. It is still one of my favorite activities, but now I am old and get way too upset at how much they charge for a movie ticket. So I go much less these days. Haha

There are certain movies though, that I am fairly certain will never grow old for me. They are classics. I can not fall asleep without the tv on and these are the movies that I always go back to rewatch.  (I know terrible habit)
This would hands down be one of my most favorite movies ever. Everything about it is perfect.

These are also two movies that would fall in the absolute "perfect" category for me. My poor husband, I think he can probably quote both movies I have watched them so often.

Then there are movies that always bring back memories. My friend and I were actually just talking about this movie remembering how often we watched it when it first came out.
I did not even live in America when this craze happened, and I still got completely sucked into this movie. I do not think I had ever cried at a movie as much as this movie. I will never understand why Rose did not share that debris... and when Kate Winslet finally stated in an interview that Jack could have totally fit on the debris, I felt completely justified.

  When this movie came out in high school, I was so in love with it. It was everything a high school girl would want.I don't think I listened to any other cd but the sound track to this movie for a year. I loved it so much. I mean seriously, when Landon puts her in two places at once.. how can you not be absolutely in love with him? Or when he named a star after her? Obviously, these are all the definitions of true love.

I hate to even admit how old I was when I became totally obsessed with these movies but it definitely was something I was known for loving.
I still own all three movies and their soundtracks. I may have even had one of the songs as my ringtone for the longest time. When the 2nd one premiered, I definitely abandoned my scared freshman college sister her first night of college to watch  High School Musical at my parents hotel room. ( Three cheers for conservative colleges that did not allow tv's in the dorms).

And just to prove that I am a total movie trend follower...

I joined the zillions of people obsessed with this movie/book series. I wish I could justify it, but I really can't. But for the record #teamedward

I could go on and prove that I do watch movies with substance or that were not created for high school students but I feel like that would just turn this into a novel. These were my movie confessions. The good news is that when my kids get caught up with a silly movie, I will be very understanding.

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