Friday, April 22, 2016

High Five for Friday!


Supposedly this weekend China Man and I are going out on Saturday night on a little date. Although Little Man has been beyond cranky and angry this week thanks to some evil, evil molars cutting through. So I am not sure I can release all his rage onto my parents. lol  This week has been a brutal one in the motherhood department, not going to lie. However thanks to some beautiful weather we have had some fun. Here are my favorite moments from the week. 

1. Spending so much time outside!

 Little Man LOVES to be outside so I have tried to get us outside for a little adventure every day. We have gone for walks by the ocean, up small mountains, played at the playground and even did a little water play on a really warm day. 


I pulled out my newborn and 0-3 clothes to see what I needed to stock up on this week. Naturally I just turned into a total mush ball at all of the tiny clothes. Hard to believe that Little Man was every small enough for those tiny clothes. Especially since as I was sorting them, he was carrying them off to hide them in random places. 

My friend sent this to me recently and I died laughing. It is so true.  When you are having a bad day, turning on some good music really can just change everything. My husband did not appreciate that the other day when I was playing old school Britney Spears in the car to pump us up for the house inspection. 


                              . Image result for madam secretary
I started watching this on Netflix and I really like it. I do love a good political drama. I am really only a few episode into it, but it has been nice to find a new show. 

5.  I frequently find myself very worried about what my life will look like with two kids. Especially on weeks like this one. This post gave me confidence that it is totally doable. I know it is obviously doable, billions of people have done it before me but posts like these are nice. 

So those are some highlights from my week! 

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