Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Six Months Later...

Excuse me while I brush off the dust from this ol thing...

Hi again friends, its been only like half a year since I pretended to have a blog.  But the past few weeks I have been thinking about it and decided why not. It isn't like it hurts anyone. Besides if nothing else, I like looking back on some of the posts.

So let me tell you about life for the Cota's in 2017 currently.

Meet our little Henry David Cota. He is 23 weeks old and just the sweetest little guy. He has a quiet little personality and the sweetest little smile. He is 100% Mama's boy right now. We definitely did not have an easy first few months with Henry as he has had colic, gas, ear infections, and a trip to the ER. However, I think we are slowly starting to get our mojo as a family of 4 and it isn't just chaos anymore. 
   The one person Henry adore and will always bring a huge smile to his face is his big brother

 I honestly do not think there is anything on this blessed planet that makes me happier than watching these two. They both make each other laugh and they are just so excited when they are next to each other. I know the day will come when sibling rivalry and fighting will enter this home. But right now, I love this phase so much! It has basically been this way since we brought Henry home. We always let Charlie be near his brother (always supervised) and he has always been allowed to "help" with brother anytime he has wanted to. Charlie loves to kiss and hug his brother. I do not even need a baby monitor because if Henry is crying, Charlie immediately runs to tell me and will not relax until I have taken care of Henry.

This was just taken on my birthday a week ago or so. My living room looks like Babies R Us and the Melissa & Doug warehouse threw up all over it. This is what my life looks like currently. Keeping up with my 3 Cota men.  I was so scared before having Henry what life would be like with 2 littles and while it is not impossible by any means it certainly is not relaxing! The first few months I described it as being a ping pong ball. I just bounced back and forth all the time. I will probably write about our first months together later. It makes me laugh when I do go out with both boys that almost every time, another mom will comment to me that "She doesn't know how I get out of the house and handle 2 kids like this". While that is nice for my ego, I SO remember looking at Mom's with 2 little ones and thinking the same thing.  I think that is why I like this family photo so much. Last year, I don't think we even took a picture on my birthday. I was so depressed and scared about what life had surprised us with. I did not know how I would handle things. I did not know if we could find a house, a bigger car or financially survive. The last year was really scary, really lonely and really hard. But this year on my birthday we have a beautiful house that I love ( still plan to be buried in the back yard), we have our suburban ( that despite my initial fears of driving, I now love), God has provided the money when we needed it and I love my two littles. I can't imagine life any other way.

Well that is not true. I can imagine a life where I get a lot more sleep. That would a perfect life ;-)

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