Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Confessions, grocery shopping edition

I confess that I try really hard to have an empty fridge by Monday morning when I go grocery shopping. I feel like I have had a successful week in house wife world when my fridge is completely empty by Monday morning. That means all meals were completely consumed, nothing is potentially going bad in the fridge and I planned appropriately for the week.

However there are certain things I am almost physically unable to not buy when I am at the store. Example, I can not go to the grocery store and not buy a package of eggs. We currently have like 3 dozen eggs in the fridge because I just can't not buy them. They are so necessary for everything, what if we run out!?

I confess that I have an exact number of apples, oranges, and pears that we buy each week. I know how many pieces of fruit both my men eat on a average day. So when anything throws that count off in a week, my little OCD heart gets very nervous.

China Man lives on leftovers for his work lunches and meals on the weekend, but I seriously hate leftovers. I think Baby #2 does too because last time I tried to each leftovers it did not end well. So Baby and I stick with sandwiches on leftover days.

I am such a sales shopper that last time I went to the seafood counter the seafood clerk knew exactly what I was going to order before I ordered. I was not sure whether to be charmed by the small town feeling of my little store or a little creeped out.  On that same note, I go to the grocery store on the same day almost at the same time every week. So last time I ran in on a weekend to grab a prescription an employee even commented that it was not my usual day. Again, this really was both sweet and a wake up call that I need to be more spontaneous in my life. Although I am purchasing eggs and fruit, how spontaneous can you be?

Usually on grocery day, I go alone while Little Man naps at home with his Dad. Typically it is my only 60 minutes out of the house by myself for the week. So to make it special I usually pick up a coffee or hot chocolate. I may even sit in my car for a few minutes savoring the beverage in silence while scrolling instagram. ( obviously the definition of luxury and relaxation)

And finally, it is my biggest grocery store pet peeve when I arrange my items on the belt exactly how I would like them bagged and the grocery clerks just throw everything in the bags all haphazardly. I had things so nicely arranged but no... it is not meant to be.

What about you, do you have grocery store quirks?  Please tell me that I am not the only ocd shopper out there.

Now if you excuse me, I need to go sign up for some grocery shopping counseling and find something to do with all my eggs.


  1. I had a hard time with leftovers when I was pregnant as well. It turned me off of chicken during pregnancy too. I still don't like leftovers (unless it is pasta) or chicken that much.

    1. Oooh, I had forgotten about pasta. I guess that would be the one exception. As long as no red sauce is involved. :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love to go to the grocery! I buy eggs every time, too, but typically forget the bread. I'm not good about planning, I like to go and see what looks good. And I love leftovers, especially for breakfast ;).