Thursday, March 10, 2016

These Are My Confessions

I am currently obsessed with boiled eggs. I consider it my dirty little love affair because I really do find boiled eggs to be disgusting... but I just.can't.stop. I am Olivia Pope and they are President Fitz ( high five to any fellow Scandal fans! For the record, I am Team Jake all the way)  Boiled eggs, egg salad and deviled eggs, typically all things I am not a huge fan of. This week, I actually texted a friend to ask how many boiled eggs was too many to eat in one day. The good news is that at least it is a healthy things to be craving, and my protien levels must be doing great.

I have been actually working out the past 2 weeks and I feel like a million dollars because of it. I am really hoping to run a 5k in a few months so actually keeping up with my running is helpful in that goal. Also helps me feel semi healthy and sane.

I confess that working out is also really helpful because in general I can't stop eating!! Like every 90 minutes to 2 hours I am scavenging for food. Last time I could barely keep anything down, and I don't think I was even like this at the end. Before I was pregnant I was eating maybe 1-2 full meals a day and then just a smoothie or snack. So this is such a different thing for me. It is mildly comical as long as my clothes keep fitting. Thank goodness for crunchy apples and carrot sticks. 

I confess that at night sometimes for dinner, I just put Little Man on the floor picnic style and we share a plate for dinner. It is right before bed, it is just the two of us, I have already washed 1 million dishes, cleaned the high chair 1 billion times and I just  don't want a lot of fuss. He thinks it is great and it is so easy. Only problem is that he is starting to eat most of the meal. 

I confess that I have to take prenatal gummy vitamins because the regular ones makes me sick. I used to take Flinstones Chewable and they started to make me sick too. The gummy vitamins are the best thing ever. I actually look forward to taking them. I would like all vitamins to taste like fruit snacks. 

I confess that Dunkin Donuts announced that Butter Pecan coffee was back this week and I actually did a fist pump. That is another sign of spring to me. Only problem is that I have this phobia of ordering decaf coffee from coffee shops because I am certain they will mess it up and give me caffeinated. Then my poor unborn child will be born with four heads. So  every time I drive past Dunkin Donuts this week, I just sigh longingly while I have this great internal debate. I will eventually buy some and just be that neurotic person who checks four times that they made it right. 

So that is my confession currently for this week. 

* Disclaimer, everything in this post is said with a healthy dose of sarcasm and love. Except the caffeine fear, that is legit. 

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