Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Top 3 Mom Quirks

I don't know why, but I was thinking the other day about certain "things" I have as a mom that bug me or I am really particular about.  I think everyone has those "things" that they are really big on that perhaps other people are not as worried about. I know I heard one mom say how she is always worried her son is cold. For some they get super intense about being in the sun and sun protection. Some mom's worry about nap times, and really the list could go on and on.  These would be my top 3 Mom quirks that I have currently.

1. You will never see my children wearing shirts/onsies that say things on them.   My only disclaimer is that if their grandparent buys it for them, then I will put it on my child at least once for the grandparent to see it. After that, most likely it will not be worn again. Confession, Little Man definitely was given some onsies that said "cutsie" things on them and they were never worn because I disliked them so much.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these kind of onsies, and obviously people love them because the market is huge. I typically don't really even like Little Man wearing an onsie that says " Handsome like Daddy" or "Mommy's Heartbreaker".  I don't know when my aversion started because I am fairly certain I use to think these onsies were adorable. Now I do not even stop to look at them. I also have avoided all "character" clothes so far. I think this one will end when Little Man starts requesting the shirts with Star Wars, Legos or whatever he decides to be interested in. Until then though, we shall avoid them too.

2. I have to know everything my child ate.  We did not give Little Man any type of sugar until he turned one. I am really happy with this decision and I think because of it he has developed a preference for all fruits and most veggies. When it comes to feeding him though, I prefer to be the one beside him determining what he can eat. When people give him something even if its just an apple slice or a pickle and then ask me "oh is this okay". I have a mini panic attack inside. Which is totally stupid because he loves both of those things and it is totally fine that he eats them. It is very important to me that my kids grow up with healthy eating habits so I feel like every time he is given some sweet bread, muffins, or dessert that is going to be the gateway bite that will ruin my hard work. Believe me, I know it is ridiculous and I try very hard to keep my crazy reigned in about it.  I might have teared up at his first birthday because I knew I could not ban sugar anymore when he was at his grandparents house. But China Man quickly pulled a reality check on me and reminded me we are still his parents, and a little sugar has never killed anyone.

3. I will not change his diaper in public restrooms. I don't actually think I am alone in this one, because my friend was the one that gave me the idea. I changed Little Man's diaper one time in a Target bathroom and it was so stressful. It did not help that he had a blow out so he needed a full outfit change, and there was a mom with a toddler melting down while they waited for the changing table. I also think half the store was using the bathroom at that moment. I think I was dripping sweat by the time we were done. After that experience, I just started changing him in the backseat of my car. Not necessarily the roomiest of spaces but at least I know it is clean, and it is always available.

So there are 3 of my Mom quirks. Despite my attempts to be laid back and calm about parenting it obviously does not always work. I definitely have other ones, like don't you dare try to mess with my child's bedtime. I used to become very upset if we were not home in time for his bedtime. That was also when I was working very hard to get him on a sleep schedule so it was always a setback to not have him in bed on time. I was also extremely sleep deprived myself so I might have been a little extra emotional about it. That one has definitely calmed down and I do not worry as much about it.

What about you any weird or not so weird mom quirks?  I know I can't possibly be the only one who refuses to enter public restrooms for diaper changes.
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