Thursday, March 3, 2016

Surviving the First Trimester.

Today is a big day in my little world. The first trimester is 100% behind me and this new little person. Hallelujah! Everyone has their least favorite times while they are pregnant. Some dread the end stage when everything is big, you move slow, you ache everywhere and nothing feels comfortable. While I didn't really relish that phase, to me the First Trimester is the biggie. Other than finding out that you have a new little squishy baby there is absolutely nothing good about the first trimester. You are tired, you are sick, and you just feel like you have been run over every day. Unfortunately for a good portion of this magical time, you are trying not to reveal that you are pregnant so you have to act like status quo.  When I was pregnant with Little Man I would often wonder how the second pregnancy would compare to the first. So I thought I would compare and contrast a little bit between the two pregnancies so far.

What Has Been the Same
    Morning Sickness... check
 I think this one is pretty self explanatory. It has seemed a little less extreme this time but I think a big portion of that has to do with experience and the fact I do not have the privilege to just be sick.  I will always treasure the memories of rushing Little Man into his high chair, cutting up his banana and then running to the bathroom to be sick.
    Extreme Exhaustion.... check
       I feel like this too is also very self explanatory. I have started the habit of taking a nap when Little Man naps in the afternoon. It is helpful, although kills my productivity because the afternoon nap time used to be when I would get a lot of stuff done.
    Sciatic Nerve Pain.... Check
        I had this a little bit last time. It would come out of nowhere and I literally would not be able to walk for a few moments. It would be very inconsistent when it would happen, and wouldn't stay long. This time it is so  different. It stays present all the time in my leg. I am doing all sorts of stretches and yoga poses that I read are supposed to help, but it really doesn't. Fortunately it is not as painful as last time just more annoying. So if you see me randomly limping, you know why.
    Sensitive to smells... check
         Remember how I was so excited to be working with essential oils? Yep, can't go anywhere near them right now. Who even knows why.
      Every emotion I would normally have is magnified by 100. If I normally like you, well now we are besties. If I find you hard to be around before pregnancy, Lord grant me serenity to not explode on you.

     I still do love to touch my belly as if that is my way of letting this new little person know his or her Mama loves him/her. I definitely still spend a lot of time browsing baby clothes picking out what I will buy the second I know the gender. Granted if it is a second boy, he will really not need many clothes. Little Man's wardrobe is in competition with my own at the moment but this new person will still need some things of his own. :-)

 What is Different? 
      I am showing SO much faster. Honestly I barely even looked pregnant until around 15-18 weeks. Nope... at 13 weeks you can tell I am pregnant. By the time I reach 40 weeks, I might be wearing a bed sheet as a Mu-Mu. I tried taking a picture to show my point, but we are still in the phase of pregnancy when pictures are really just unflattering.

  It is WAY less scary this time. Last time every twinge, cramp, and or weird feeling I would be googling to see if it was normal. This time, not as scary. Some days I do still get a little worried, but not nearly as much.

I can eat vegetables! This may seem trivial but last time I could not eat salad, or vegetables of any kind. Typically I am a relatively healthy eater but last time I was forced to become a strictly meat and carbs eater. Today I made a meal that solely based on vegetables and not once did it make me sick. This makes me so, so, so happy.
   My cravings are so fickle. What I love this week, I will probably hate last week. Last time, I pretty much kept the same cravings for months at a time. This time, not so much. They come fast, they come hard and then poof! Oranges, fries, milkshakes, apples, peanut butter & jelly, and Mexican food have all been past loves of my life. Now I can't even be in the same room with them.

  With this last one I am not sure if this is because this baby is the second baby or because this was an unplanned baby but there is a lot less excitement overall for this baby. I have a lot of mom guilt for this baby because of that. I can't control how other people act or treat my baby, but I am trying to rally for this baby. I made a pinterest board ( because that is what a good modern mom does) to get ideas for nursery themes. It gets tricky since most likely we will be moving before the baby comes, but we really aren't 100%. (Can we just really shake our heads that for the second time, I have no idea where I will be bringing my baby home from or if I will have a home ready for us?)  However someday this child will have a room, and I will be ready :-)

So bring on the 2nd trimester and that so called energy burst!

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