Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015's Highlights

2015 is coming to an end. I have neutral feelings about this year even though without a doubt it was a epic life changing year. These are probably my favorite moment's from this past year

1.  Starting my mom gig
       I was not one of those glowing pregnant women cooing about their beautiful connection with their unborn baby. Basically I would like to cause physical harm to those fools. Like whatever... you and your magical mommy uterus. Ha! So while I did not thrive as a pregnant woman, I feel like motherhood has gone well and we made the transition well. Little Man is the happiest, most curious little man. I loved the newborn stage, and have loved all the baby stages that have come after.  I absolutely love this current phase watching his personality really show through a little more each week. Things that I worried about before becoming a Mom like the lack of sleep, public meltdowns, and a few other things were not as scary as I thought. It is actually really impressive how little sleep I actually need anymore.  There have been days when every time he cried so did I but those are just the special memories for the two of us :-)

2. Seeing my Grandmother
   Seeing my Grandmother and introducing her to her first great grandson. My extended family isn't super close but my grandmother has always been a special soul to me. She introduced me to Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, cross stitching and Dove chocolates. These all remain some of my favorite things. She lives alone now in an assisted living and has Alzheimer's disease. I don't know much she understood while we were there but her smile while look at the baby totally made the weekend trip to PA worth it.

3.  Auntie came home
  My little sister came home from China this year. My sister and I grew up a little closer than most siblings due to the life of being missionary kids. So when a huge piece of your heart packs up  and leaves for a 15 month adventure in Asia; it is a big deal when she comes home. Some people talk about adventures but she actually does them and that is cool.  I'll always support those adventures as long as she brings me home presents. But having her home is a 2015 highlight and meant for a lot of fun adventures. 
4. Life with my China Man.
       He may hate trimming his beard, basically lives in the same 2 flannel shirts all winter and doesn't like chocolate but 150% he is my absolute everything. I don't think he has ever said no to any of my ideas or schemes. Usually he does everything he can to support it. I wanted to learn to quilt he bought me quilting supplies, I wanted to have a garden he planted a zillion seedlings for me and when I said I was thinking of starting a blog he bought me a laptop because he knew the old computer wouldn't survive. I have the confidence and security to try things because of him. We are a good team and best friends.

5.  Friendships
     My homie for life I really can't picture life without this gem. Hands down the funniest soul I know, has appropriate appreciation for Pioneer Women, Dancing with the Stars, Dunkin Donuts and loves mason jars. All critical elements to friendship. Without her I do not know how I would have survived pregnancy and would not have been prepared for labor or life after having a baby.We don't always get to see a lot of each other but we keep each other company everyday.  So much so that when my husband comes home he not only inquires about my day, but he checks in on her day too.

So long 2015 and welcome 2016. I have an idea of some things you might bring but I feel confident you will have a few surprises thrown in too! 

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