Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Things that Always Makes me Happy

I like lists. They are orderly, they help me stay focused and sometimes they help me stay calm. Off and on for years I have made lists in my journal about blessings in my life and honestly I think the happiest I have been is when I was doing it on a regular basis. So here are some things that make me happy on a semi regular basis.  ( also for the record these are not listed in priority or anything like that. They are just being typed in the order of which they come.)

It is true. I would like to say I savor my cup of coffee every day but that would not be true. I do not even remember my first cup of coffee. I do however appreciate my 2nd and 3rd cup of coffee quite a bit. So much so that I reheat them like 10 times before I finish them.  And don't get all judgy mcjudgy on my caffeine intake, remember I have a baby with erratic sleeping patterns. Plus I do lots of other healthy things to balance out this addiction. 

     Texting allows me to still feel like a normal human being. I am relatively cut off from the world during this current phase of life. My biggest excitement is going to get groceries during the week. But texting with my friends seriously cracks me up all the time. Just sharing funny things we find online, silly things that is happening during the day, the amazing dance that we just watched on Dancing With the Stars or books that we are reading. The conversations always make me smile. Especially when they send silly things like these

3. Clean Sheets 
     Now this may seem weird, but keep an open mind. There is nothing better in my world than clean sheets. The soft flannel that smells great and is so soft. I think a bed with clean sheets even feels more comfortable. When we stay at hotels, I always get excited about the clean sheets on the bed every day. You can ask my husband. It is an emotional moment if they don't change them every day. Clean sheets actually make changing and washing the sheets a tolerable job. It hands down always makes me happy. 

4. Working out 
That quote seriously never gets old for me. It is also so true.... not that I would ever cause harm to my China Man. If you are grumpy, cranky, sad or any other unpleasant emotion a workout will change everything! One of the highlights of my day is when a favorite song comes on Pandora and I can just turn it up and run. For those few minutes nothing else matters and when I am done everything seems brighter. Pitbull has been my long term running partner, he has been dancing in the clubs and I have been hitting the pavement/treadmill for years together. It has been a fruitful relationship. Now I also listen to "dubstep". I do not even know what it is but Pandora recommended it and I feel so hard core when I listen to it. Just even typing this makes me happy thinking about running with favorite music. 
5. Getting Little Man out of his crib after a nap or in the morning 
Do I really need to say more? It is impossible not to smile at this little face 

Weekends with my China Man 
          Because of his work schedule he is not home most evenings. Which is not the end of the world by any means but on the weekends when I have my main squeeze home to eat dinner with ( which is really us sitting on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother reruns) and just be lazy together is so nice. It is a highlight for me every weekend.  Just having someone home to make the coffee for the next day seems so nice.  I mean, I do kinda like the guy ;-) 

Gilmore Girls 
    Legitimately the best show on the planet. If you disagree then you need to spend time getting right with God because obviously you and the Grinch have the same size heart. 

 So these are just a few of the little or not so little things that bring me daily joy in my little world. It was fun to think of the things that consistently make me happy. I probably could have kept adding things because once you start listing the things that make you happy it is amazing how fast they starting adding up. Gilmore Girls with my lunch. 

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