Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Monday why must we do this to each other?

Oh Monday we started with such promise. When the baby was awake, I actually woke up and felt…. well dare I say it? I felt refreshed and like I had actually had a good nights sleep. I made homemade buttermilk pancake because honestly what day doesn’t need pancakes? Especially ones with actual real buttermilk? ( also for the record sometimes the most random ingredients appear at my house. I did not buy that buttermilk but it was left at my house). I even got to do a workout and take a shower all within the same hour. UNHEARD OF! ( sometimes shouting while typing is oddly satisfying. Especially since I never shout in person) Then I even was given the greenlight to run to the store without the man child since China Man offered to stay on baby duty. As someone who likes to cross things off her lists and get things done. This was a very promising day!
Then I came home and put my baby to bed with smiles and kisses. He had only slept for 30 minutes in the morning so my mom gut told me that this baby would take a long afternoon nap. During this nap I would clean, I would organize, I would work on this blog and make it look like a real blog. 30 minutes later while I was settling in for my “Mommy break” with a big salad, diet coke and brand new episode of Hart of Dixie,  that not so gentle wail of a child let me know that there would be no mommy break. We tried snuggles, we tried nursing, we tried tv, we tried singing, we tried a little tough love, but ya’ll ( sometimes I like to talk southern while typing too. I read too many southern bloggers I think) that child would not sleep and was not happy about. He little knocked his baby toe on the doorway and wailed like he had broken a bone. Offering him pasta for dinner just about required an intense therapy session ( for both of us) due to all the wailing and rolling around. Dinner was consumed in my arms while I walked him in circles and popped bites of sweet potatoes and cheese in his mouth. I fully intend to raise a disciplined and polite child but sometimes, you just raise that white flag.  Another point for team baby.  I like to think I won the ultimate battle as he went to bed early, I finished putting a new set of shelves together, cleaned up the house, did a load of laundry and spent way to much time trying to make this blog look legit.20151228_161344
Sometime a day like today would really upset me that half my house still looks a small tornado went through it ( and it did in the form of my son) but for some reason today, I just accept it. Perhaps that is just the hot cocoa and sugar cookie flavored cookie crisp talking ( dinner of champions folks) but tonight I am counting my blessing.
Monday’s Blessings 
 1. I do have a spiffy little shelf now in my downstairs closet/pantry to help my little condo look a wee bit more organized.
2. I do really like hot cocoa. I have one more week before I can’t justify drinking it by the gallon.
3. New epsiodes of my favorite tv show definitely makes a Monday a little better.
4. There is no one on this planet who loves me more than my child currently. It is probably the closest I will ever come to being a celebrity. Albeit it is a bit draining to always have him attached to me in some form. He is the best sidekick.
5. My husband totally washed all the bed sheets for me. That is a huge domestic win.
So good night little internet. If you need me I will be enjoying another round of hot cocoa and Hart of Dixie pretending that I don’t have a date with my treadmill tomorrow morning first thing.

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