Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I think this time I may actually start taking this blogging seriously. Because really who doesn't need another mommy blogger on their reading  list. I don't really have niche in something that I am super good at. But maybe that will be my thing, I honestly am just your everyday stay at home mom trying to raise a decent little human being, maintain a happy marriage and live a happy life.
Beach to Beacon 2015 10k   ( running 10ks on 4 hours of sleep is totally the best way to run them) 

My sister has always told me I should have a blog. I think it might have been easier for her because she actually was traveling in China doing all sorts of exotic things when she blogged. That gives you all sorts of topics to blog about. lol! 

  Perhaps I should blog about the 20 Christmas cards that I ordered from Snapfish and only to larn they have a typo. Like seriously I don't even know how to sign my family's name apparently. I can't wait to see who is the first person to mention that gem to me. My husband did already very cautiously mention it to me but he doesn't count. I am just hoping people just focus on the cute baby picture and ignore the error. :-) 

Well either way it should be interesting. Especially if you consider my husbands ancient desktop computer is what I am trying to do this from. I think I can hear it sigh from exhaustion every time upload a new photo. And we won't even mention the wonky ( a word that never gets used enough) internet connection I have. But I will have faith and believe my sister and the hundred of other mommy bloggers that say this is a good hobby to have. 

just seemed like an appropriate time to throw a baby picture up

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