Tuesday, December 29, 2015

First Snow!

Now any good Mainer would tell you that snow watch basically starts like mid-October. That may seem odd but we really have had Halloweens that have been blizzards. Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost always white or at least by Christmas we have had some snow. This year... not a flake. We had the warmest Christmas in like history I think. I mean good grief the day after Christmas we went for a little mini family hike 
Not a flake of snow to be seen and it did makes it seem a little less Christmas-like this year. I told China Man so many times in the weeks leading up to Christmas that I just knew it would snow immediately after Christmas. Guess who was right? 

It was only 3 inches of snow but after months of no snow and absolutely no warm up... this seemed like a lot of snow! So naturally like any good first time Mom, I bundled up my Little Man and we went outside to take pictures. Yes, we spent more time getting bundled and un-bundled but it was totally worth it. 

He didn't really know what to think but I think he liked it. He definitely didn't like the too small snow suit I shoved him in that limited his movement. Sorry Little Man, in my defense I really thought it would fit. He just looked around a lot, smiled and laughed. Then right before we went inside, he thought it would be a good idea to go face first into the snow. No pictures of that moment were taken because I was busy wiping his face off and China Man was busy laughing. 

  So now his first snow day is over with, and only like one billion more to go. No, that isn't over dramatic at all either. We live in Maine, you never know how much snow can come. Last year the week that Little Man was due, we had a snowstorm EVERY DAY that week. Not just a few inches kind of storms either. Like several feet, lots of ice, wind and shut down the whole state kind of storms. I just cried every day. If we had only known that he would be two weeks late and have to be (sorta) induced. Another day, another story ;-) 

Tuesday's Blessings 
  1. Fresh sourdough biscuits. Fresh bread is always a win! 
  2. I had the best run today. A good run means a happy more zen like Mom. 
  3. I think the new snow is kinda pretty 
  4. My Little Man was not epically cranky and after yesterday, that was a huge blessing. 

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  1. Oh, so jealous of that snow! Still waiting for some of that here in Missouri (so far, just water, if you hadn't heard). Your little guy is so sweet having so much fun! Makes me excited to meet my little man!