Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites- Birthday Edition

Woot-Woot! We made it to Friday. Does anyone have special Valentines Day plans? When I went to the grocery store earlier in the week, the lady in front of me was explaining to the cashier how everything she was buying was for her husband and how they were going to have a fancy steak dinner on Valentines Day. She looked really excited and it was cute. Then the cashier asked me if I was making my someone special anything special. I felt slightly bad having to admit when I menu planned for the week, I totally spaced that it was Valentines Day on Sunday until that minute. So our fancy dinner will be Ham and Cheese Stromboli. Let's just say neither the cashier nor the lady in front of me looked impressive. Lol.  In the words of Taylor Swift "Hater gonna hate".

So favorite moments from this week....

In a strange turn of events on Monday we did not have water for a few hours. We were given warning about this and told it could be for all day. So my survival instincts told me that it would be a good plan to fill the bathtub with water. Turns out we really only went without water for maybe two hours. But the tub full of water turned into the best activity for the Little Man. He seriously spent forever playing there swishing the water around and pouring cups of water. Make no mistake, he was completely soaked and the floor had plenty of water on it when it was all said and done.

 In an attempt to get out of the house a little more, I packed Little Man and I up and went to the library to play one afternoon. He was so fascinated by everything in the kids section. When we first got there, the room was empty but then a family with five kids came running in and he basically just wanted to follow those kids and watch them. I should probably try to socialize this kid a little bit based on that experience.

  So I am always trying new recipes but this particular recipe was a surprising win for me and Pinterest this week.

I added cabbage to the mixture too just to add some extra veggies. Maybe it is just my Pennsylvania roots showing but this was definitely a favorite of the week. Usually I never eat leftovers of a meal, something about leftovers really gross me out. However with this meal, I definitely ate all of the leftovers. 

Another favorite was my birthday!  (duh) China Man gave me a pretty, pretty Kendra Scott bracelet. I refer to it as my birthday bling. He made me a Peanut Butter Trifle which is basically the most amazing rich dessert ever. I also love all the Facebook messages. It is fun to be reminded of friends of past and present. I have one friend who literally has known me since the day I was born. Our parents were close when we were young and we shared childhoods until we were about  preteens. As we got older our lives went in different directions and we really don't have much contact but every year on my birthday I get a phone call, or email message from him wishing me a happy birthday. It is a small but very sweet tradition that I love. 

So that is some highlights from this week. This weekend our fun will include lunch out with my family to celebrate my birthday ( woo-hoo!) I was thinking Mexican sounded good but now I am thinking I might change my mind. It's my birthday so I am allowed!  Other than that, I don't really know. China Man and I have casually mentioned going to a movie on Valentines Day but I do not know. Basically this weekend has a lot of potential for spontaneous fun. 

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