Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Favorites-

Happy Friday Friends! I hope your weekend includes fun things and relaxation. My plans have been switched around a couple times this weekend to the point where now I do not have any set plans. I think the weekend will include China Man working on the condo, trying to finish some projects (woo-hoo!!!), China Man and I looking at some potential new (or new to us, cause we are classy like that) cars and hopefully something mildly fun. Although I am definitely an adult now, because the idea of getting house projects done and taking steps to getting a new car THRILLS my little old soul.

So lets recap the favorite moments of this week, shall we?

Obviously one of the top moments of this week was sharing our exciting news Baby Cota 2.0.
Sharing the news made it seem a little bit more real and exciting.

Also baby related, we had a midwife appointment this week that allowed me to hear the baby's heartbeat.  I have a lot of anxiety during the first trimester because there is so much that can go wrong and there is nothing I can do. So these appointments do wonderful things for my anxiety. I record the little heartbeat and probably listen to it at least once a day. It makes my heart happy.

Finding random selfies like this on my phone totally crack me up. I do not know what was going on but Little Man was not impressed.

Hanging out with my sister on Monday was definitely a favorite this week. Obviously this picture was not taken this week but I felt like some kind of picture would be appropriate. We don't get many opportunities to go out just the two of anymore but when we do it is a good time.

I made these for Little Man this week, and they were a huge hit. He didn't mind broccoli pureed but steamed, he will not touch it. So when I saw this on pinterest I thought it might be worth a shot.  He loves them. They don't look super attractive but they did exactly what the Mama ordered. Got my small child to happily consume broccoli.
 So that is a wrap for this week. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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