Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites- Random Edition

This week went really fast. I am not too sure how or why, but I appreciate when a week does go fast. The past month it seems like life crawled painfully slow. I blame the First Trimester for that.  Anyways I thought instead of just posting what was my favorite personal events this week, I would share some things I have seen online that I love!

1. This post by One Little Momma, I really loved. I love her blog because seriously has to be the coolest, trendiest dressed stay at home Mom I have seen. She looks both cool and comfortable. Anyways, I liked her post about wanting kids but hating the chaos, and then compared it to our relationship with God. I know I frequently wonder what is wrong with me that I want multiple kids when I hate chaos, clutter and disorganization.

2. In general, I love this blog Full Hands Full Heart, she is so upbeat and positive about her family and life. It is nice because she just seems like a Mom you might meet next door. After reading her blog it is always a reminder to look at life a little more optimistically.

3.  Sparkly shoes. Sure, I am a grown adult, and when necessary I know how to do the whole "adult" thing. However, who says you can't wear sparkly shoes while you are busy "adulting"
I have had a pair of silver sparkle ones for about 4 years and they have started to lose their sparkle. So when Zulilly had Toms for sale, I knew I needed a pair. These will probably be glues to my feet the second mud season ( yes that is a real season here in Maine) has ended up until the minute I start to get frostbite on my toes this late fall.

4.  Belly Bands I've hit the ever so lovely phase where my normal clothes are not all starting to fit like they used to, but it seems utterly ridiculous to wear maternity clothes. (Plus I am cheap and hate to buy a lot of maternity clothes). Whoever created these are wonderful and brilliant people. I can almost wear my regular jeans comfortably. ( For the record, it is definitely true you pop faster after your first pregnancy)

5. Okay this one isn't from the web, but seriously the weather! Yesterday was 50 degrees outside!
 Little Man and I were so excited to be outside for a little bit. We are both ready for warm weather and to be outside more.

So those are my favorites from this week! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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