Monday, February 8, 2016

Lets Catch up friends

Happy Monday Friends!

 Is everyone is a calorie hang over from the Superbowl? I don't know it if was just this year or if I was just more aware of it this year but there was SO much food posted on Facebook. Like seriously, no calories or greasy food was left behind based on Facebook.  I celebrated in a pretty glamorous fashion. At home, by myself with a sick child and leftover macaroni and cheese. What is that? You are super jealous? Well you should be.  ;-)

 Our poor Little Man has been teething for a few weeks. He is one of those fortunate ( and yes, I am being SO extremely sarcastic) where teething last forever, and is the most slow and painful process. I hear urban legends about baby's just have teeth pop in. I think it is just a fairy tale. Anyways I noticed all week he seemed not to be himself, and falling apart emotionally alot and assumed it was just teething. But by Thursday night we had a very sick baby. I learned that basically one regular day feels like 100 days in sick baby world. So I basically spent Thursday through Saturday holding, rocking and soothing him. Saturday we made a fun trip to the doctors and learned he had a cold, 4 teeth cutting through and a mild ear infection. We returned home with some helpful medicine for baby, and a lot of Chinese take out for the tired parents.  Thankfully Sunday morning he had clearly turned the corner and was feeling better.

Other things that I learned during this really magical week of parents 

  My child will not watch cartoons or animated movies, but he will stop in his tracks for Gilmore Girls. He gets excited when he hears the theme song and does a little dance. I do not even know how many episodes we watched this weekend. As much as I love this show, even I was sick of it by Sunday night. 

This scene makes me laugh every time. You really have to watch it to fully appreciate it, but trust me, it is funny. 

  Other things I learned is how important your spouse is. Both China Man and I operated on around 3-4 hours of sleep for around 3 days. It wasn't always pretty but we survived. 
Winning spouses are the ones that drive out to get cough medicine and orange juice in the middle of snowstorm. 

Things that help you survive fun weeks like the one we just had would be ice cream, Chinese take out, comfy clothes, a sense of humor ( although by Sunday that disappeared) and coffee. 

So that is an update on my life the past few days. I have high expectations for this week, primarily I expect it will include more sleep, less runny noses, less crying, more cleaning and more fun. 

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