Monday, February 29, 2016

Some highs and lows of life lately

Happy Leap Year Monday friends! ( That just rolls off the tongue so easily, I don't know why people are greeting each other more with it)  I saw someone on FB say that today was a special 24 hours that we are only given every 4 years so we should make the most of it. I loved that! I will be making the most of today by doing laundry, buying groceries, and keeping my Little Man alive. But I did wear my silver sparkle Toms to make the day seem a little better.

I thought I would just share some high and lows of life lately. The first high would definitely be my Little Man's 1st Birthday.
 It was a lumberjack themed party so we had pancakes, a variety of breakfast meats, baked beans ( it's a Maine thing) and eggs. Little Man loved his birthday meal
 And really loved his birthday cake. I have been that super intense Mom who would not let her child have sugar at all until his first birthday, so he still was mildly apprehensive about the sugar but warmed up quickly.
I think he had a good time since he slept for two hours after the party ( as did his parents)

A low for life lately would be the fact that honestly friends, I am just straight up lonely. I heard being a stay at home mom was a lonely life, and after having lived the life for a year. I would agree. This weekend it became very clear to me that the circle of friends, I used to once consider very close is no longer really close friends. Yes, we still talk and may socialize occasionally but we are not what we used to be. That is life and it happens to everyone but I do not have a surplus of people in my life. I am not even really trying to get out and be social. Honestly, just having a few people to text would be nice. China Man works an unusual schedule at the moment so I spend my evenings and nights alone. I am in no way unable to be alone, and usually I do like it, but having people to talk to about silly and random things is nice. Especially because it also became very clear to me this weekend that the church we have been attending is not the right church for us. We had never planned on remaining there but had been waiting to see where we moved before really settling into a church. I don't think we can wait any longer. So I spent half this weekend feeling very alone and like there is something wrong with me that I can't settle into a church or keep friends.  I know this is a just a season of life and if you just keep marching forward with faith things will get better they usually do.

A high for life right now would be how absolutely low key and happy our Little Man has been lately. When your child take 4 months to cut one tooth, you really just adapt to a lifestyle of constant whining, crying and clingy behavior. Then this past week came along and it was like a whole new world. Sometimes I actually have 10-15 minutes to get a task done while he is happily playing. Of course I still check on him approximately 20 times in that time span, because he is destructive. However, he spends his days lately just babbling, and laughing. It is SO nice.

So those are some highs and a lot of life around here. I hope you are enjoying your bonus 24 hours. 

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