Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winning my Heart

I thought this link up was super cute so I am linking up with Momfessionals talking about how to "Win my Heart" 

Hello February! Okay so I am technically a day late. Yesterday was just one of those days that got away from me, and when I did crawl into bed... it was such a relief!  Either way, today is still February and I am still happy to see it arrive. Usually when you think of February, Valentines Day comes to mind immediately. Honestly, how could it not when the stores pretty much smack you in the face with it as soon as you walk in the door. Since I am girly girl type girl. I love it. I love flowers, I love chocolate, I love the color pink, I love glitter, I don't mind stuffed animals... so really it is all a win. Especially after Valentines Day when all the chocolate goes on sale. #winning   Before you think that "of course she loves Valentines Day, she has a husband". Please allow me to laugh in your face. My husband does not do Valentines Day. He tries, but it is not an epically romantic or special moment around here. In fact when we were dating, our worst date ever was on Valentines Day. Just picture a sad little couple sitting out of Applebees ordering car side to go, and not even getting the meals they ordered. That is how well the night went for us. Part of the reason I really do not put a lot of stock in how China Man and I celebrate Valentines Day is because he is such a great husband making me feel loved all through out the year. Little gifts that let me know you were thinking of me always make me feel loved. It doesn't have to be a bouquet of flowers, but sometimes when he was working the day shift he would bring me home a coffee or a donut. Right before our wedding, I was definitely having a bridal meltdown and called him crying my eyes out that nothing would ever be done and that our wedding would be the ultimate tacky event ever. ( A serious fear when you DIY your entire wedding) he calmed me down over the phone and I though the interaction was over however he then proceeded to drive 2 hours to my parents house just to bring me a hot fudge sundae and help me calm down. 
    Another thing that always wins  my heart is when he helps around the house. Seriously, nothing  makes my heart go a flutter then seeing the dishes done. Or when he mops the floor, I practically swoon. 
Look at those crazy dating kids ;-)

I think the other way to win my heart is time. Quality time with China Man or my friends always makes me feel so amazing. China Man is great about spending time with me because that is the way to win his heart too.  Nothing makes my heart all warm and fuzzy like when my friends are able to get together. Adult friendships can be tricky when you factor in jobs, spouses, kids and living in different towns. So when a friend texts that she wants to make plans and we are able to actually schedule something within 30 days that warms my heart. 

So basically to summarize this whole post, the way to win my heart is simple gestures that let me know you are thinking of me. What is really ironic, is that the whole time I wrote this post it made me think about how I should "up my game" in making the people in my life feel loved. Really just a simple small gesture for a friend, coworker or family member really does brighten a day. 

So tell me, what wins your heart? 

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